Monday, May 8, 2017

Guess Who's Back...Back AGAIN!

I have had a couple of kids since the last time I posted and I have been on and off the Paleo wagon- mostly off in all honesty. A lot of donuts, chips, chocolate and bread has been consumed since we last spoke. I just completed a Whole30 and am starting a new one today so I figured I should share some recipes and my experiences along the way. I am excited to get back to this blog. I think after doing it for SO MANY YEARS... I think at least 5 when I stopped...I kind of got bored with it and wanted to do something new. I have my other blog, where I focus more on Motherhood and I really enjoy writing there but I missed my good ole' Paleo blog. I miss the simplicity of just writing a recipe out and a quick blurb about my day. I also miss having the ability to reach a lot of people and hopefully inspire at least one person to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This blog started as an honest record of my first experience with eating Paleo and I think I have kept that intention through all these years. So a little reintroduction is in order- if you are wanting to eat healthier and particularly eat Paleo then you have found the right place especially if:

  • you have a good sense of humor and don't mind my random jokes (mostly bad) along with a recipe 
  • you like honestly- when I eat a piece of pizza I won't lie about it, and I won't lie about how damn good it is either 
  • you don't mind run on sentences and bad grammar- I am mostly writing these posts with two small children intermittently throwing tantrums and grabbing at my computer screen 
  • you want to be healthier and you aren't a ingredient nazi- yes I use honey. and some dairy once in a while, and sometimes whatever the heck I want so don't get your panties in a bunch if things aren't 100% PALEO ALL OF THE TIME because that isn't life and it is not MY responsibility to make sure every sauce and crumb you put in your mouth is Paleo- that is your responsibility if you adhering to a very strict protocol 
So if you are new to my blog- welcome! And if you have been here before- sorry about ignoring you for a year haha! 

Happy eating :) 

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