Friday, June 24, 2016

What in the world is Paleo??

What is Paleo? 

You may be thinking: "What is this "Paleo" diet anyways? Just another crazy diet where I am starving all the time? Counting my calories? Eating food that tastes like cardboard? Just another fad diet?" The answers to all of those questions are, "Noway!" I like to think of Paleo as a lifestyle rather than a diet- I know it sounds corny. But trust me if you give Paleo a 30 day try then you will think of it is this way too. Let me preface this explanation by this: I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. I am not an expert. But I have done a lot of research and been Paleo for almost a year.

Let's go back in time. More specifically, before the agricultural revolution. We were hunters and gatherers. We lived a life where our existence revolved around food. Think about it. There were no cell phones, no jobs, no TV- there also weren't a lot of things that are nice like mattresses and refrigerators. But imagine your life REVOLVING around food. Our bodies were made to run off these foods that we needed to survive. I am sure almost all of their energy was put into finding, hunting, gathering and eating. Food was of upmost importance. The people back then were tall, lean, muscular and without most (if not all) of the host of diseases we have today. The way we view food has changed dramatically. Food isn't seen as a source of life. It isn't seen as a necessity for our bodies. It isn't seen as something that fuels us to be our best. It is seen as an afterthought. I know this is true because that is what it used to be for me. I would only think about food when I was hungry. And when I was hungry I would think, "Hmm..what should I have for dinner? Should I nuke a lean cuisine? Should I run through McDonalds? Ohhh or do I want Panera...and if I get a salad I can also get a bear claw..." Food wasn't something that made me who I am. It was something that if I ate less of and ran more I might be able to drop a few pounds. It was something that tasted good and that I would treat myself with when I thought I "deserved" a dessert after a long day. It was something that was an accessory to my life. I did not view it as it should be: Food should not be an accessory to your life, it should shape your life. That may sound extreme. But food really does shape our lives- it is necessary to our survival, and right now our society is doing an awful job of surviving. We are all getting fatter. We are all getting sicker. We are more depressed, anxious, stressed and unhealthy. Why? I think the MAIN reason is our diet. The crap we are putting in our mouths is making us crappier as a whole. Our focus isn't on our survival. Our focus is on whatever it is that is happening that day. Our focus isn't on fueling our bodies so they can perform at an optimal level- our focus is on who got cut from American Idol that night. Our focus isn't on maintaining our bodies or what we can eat to make it through this week- our focus is on playing Words with Friends on our i phones and getting that promotion.

So before I even get into the dirty details of Paleo lets re shift our focus and agree on these things:

1. We NEED food to live
2. It is one of THE most important things in YOUR life
3. The food we eat directly correlates with the life you will live
4. Our focus should shift from food as an ACCESSORY to a NECESSITY
5. Bad, chemically ridden food will most likely cause you to have a host of health issues ranging from bloating and gas to cancer to death.

So. Now that I have preached about modern society let's talk about Paleo.

Go to this website and read this article about Paleo:

Paleo is a healthy way of eating and living. It is eating the things our bodies were meant to eat. It is fueling our bodies with the purest forms of food. No more processed crap. No more fast food. No more microwave dinners.

In A Nutshell:

-No wheat
-No grains
-No dairy
-No soy
-No legumes
-No corn
-No peanuts (a legume)
-No processed food
-No sugar (besides sugar found in fruit or vegetables)
-No chemically altered food

-Lots of veggies
-Some fruit
-Meat- grass fed, hormone free
-Eggs- hormone free
-Fats (coconut butter)

For me- Paleo has changed the way I see food. It isn't something that I just have and eat when I need it. It is something I put a lot of thought and energy into. It is one of the reasons I am alive. It is something that can me a better athlete and a better person. Paleo has put me back in tune with my body. I never knew what healthy truly felt like until I ate Paleo. I know it sounds crazy that something that seems so insignificant can change someone's life- but that is the point I am trying to make. The way we eat isn't insignificant. It can change all assets of your life if you view it and respect it in the way humans used to. I hope this all makes sense and doesn't come off as a rant! But truly sit down and think about what you eat. You will be shocked at what will you will discover.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Hey everyone! Whew. It has been quite a while. I am back and ready to get serious about eating Paleo- and finding Paleo meals that are:

-Toddler Friendly
-and a lot of the time Crock Pot friendly
-Breastfeeding friendly

Yup-breastfeeding friendly because... we have a new little guy that has joined our family!! Our sweet baby boy arrived 7 weeks ago. I am exclusively breastfeeding him- which means I am going to try to make my meals as breastfeeding friendly as possible (bye, bye turkey cabbage and broccoli). Now I know that it is safe to most vegetables and not cause any tummy problems in breastfed babies, but because little guy is only 7 weeks old I like to avoid the MAJOR culprits of gas when it comes to vegetables. As he grows and his digestive system matures I will add back pretty much everything. Other major culprits I have heard about- dairy, grains and gluten-all of which I have been eating in abundance lately. So starting Paleo now is the perfect time to get my family back on track.

We have been attempting to eat healthy but have been failing pretty regularly. One of the reasons is because we are not 100% committed to eating Paleo- which we all know makes it impossible to eat clean. I am finding myself filling my toddler with fruit snacks and Pirates Booty. It is tough to find toddler friendly snacks that are convenient. For my husband and I we have done this before and it will be tough but not crazy for us to start eating Paleo again. For my little girl though- I don't think it is fair to just start her on Monday like me and husband will. She loves her fruit snacks and all the treats she is used to getting. She does not understand what eating clean and Paleo is and why it is good of her. So my goal with her is all of her major meals of the day will be Paleo (with my husband and I)  but I will wean her off of her snacks slowly. She has a big box of snacks that my goal is to just let her have more occasionally and when the box is gone I won't restock it. Same with the popsicles in the freezer. The fun part in all of this is I have done a good amount of research on kid friendly and healthy snacks that I will start making this week! Like homemade popsicles (it is hot here in the desert) and maybe I can even find some Paleo fruit snack recipes. Or she can just eat fruit haha which would clearly be the better choice.

SO if you are looking for family friendly Paleo inspiration- along with life with a 2 year old and newborn- look no further. Please follow along on our journey (again) to eat and live a Paleo lifestyle!

You won't regret it ;)

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