Monday, November 3, 2014

10 Week Plan to Get Healthy

I feel like for the past year all of my posts have began with.. "Can't believe it's  been so long since I have posted" and this post will be the same, because I really can't believe how long it has been. Life around here has been busy, full of changes and pretty great in every area minus our health and fitness. Ever since becoming a Mom it feels like my life has been going in fast forward. I cannot believe my baby girl is already 6 months old-the time has flown. We also decided to throw into the mix of our crazy life buying and moving into our first home. There has been so many changes and as we get into the month of November I am taking some time to reflect on all of the wonderful things I have to be thankful for. Don't get me wrong- life hasn't been picture perfect. With all of these great new beginnings there has been a lot of stress, adjusting and eating crappy. I don't remember the last time I worked out. I am not counting moving last week as working out even though I probably could. I think the last time was like 2 weeks ago at my stroller strides class. Which is BAD. I HATE going this long without working out because when you start again it feels like you have never worked out before because you are so out of shape. I miss CrossFit. We had to make some budget cuts with the new house and CrossFit was one of them.  I miss being in the box, with chalk on my hands lifting heavy weights. I am hoping by the new year we will be established at a new box and back to going regularly. I feel like I need it on more stressful days.

Eating around here has consisted of mostly thrown together meals and take out. Which has left me feeling not so energetic and not at my best. I have tried to throw in random detoxes or random, "THAT IS IT-WE ARE EATING PALEO STARTING NOW!" which have all ended with pizza or brownies and self loathing. I have decided my proclamations of starting to eat healthy out of nowhere are not and will never work. So I have decided to give myself some grace and some time to get back into the swing of things. The holidays are approaching so I know on Christmas and on Thanksgiving I will be eating whatever is offered. I know food is fuel for our bodies- and that it is the most important component of our health- but it is also a lot more than just that. Food is something deep rooted in humans as a social and familial bond. Coming together around a table of food to share with your loved ones around the holidays is something special- and I am going to enjoy that without guilt and without restrictions. I will bake cookies this year as a family tradition with my mom and sister and my baby girl will start that tradition for the first time with us. I will sneak some raw cookie dough and I will eat SOME of the cookies we bake. Maybe this year I will try to eat one at a time instead of five- but I am going to enjoy myself. With all that said- not every day is Christmas and most of my meals are shoved down my face while my baby girl screams because I have set her down (she is that fun stage now). So I mind as well  be stuffing healthy stuff down my face instead of crap. With all of that said: I am ready to reboot my health for the New Year- slowly. My old way of just deciding and having the time to eat Paleo at the drop of a hat isn't working anymore- so let's see if this way does. Each week I am cutting out something bad food wise and adding something positive fitness or life wise. At the end of 10 weeks I should be ready to be 100% Paleo which nicely falls right into the new year. All of these combine with each other so whatever is added from Week one stays for the 10 weeks. So here we go:

Week 1: Cut Out: Soda/Sugary Drinks. Add: Work out 3x a week

Week 2: Cut Out: Bread. Add: Bed time before 10:30 

Week 3: Cut Out: All desserts. Add: Work out 4x a week

Week 4: Cut Out: Legumes. Add: No phone after 9 PM 

Week 5: Cut Out: Gluten. Add: One hour of yoga a week (Can be all at once, or a few minutes each day) 

Week 6: Cut Out: Dairy. Add: Work out 5x a week 

Week 7: Cut Out: Grains. Add: No phone on Sundays. 

Week 8: Cut Out: ALL processed foods. Add: 30 min alone time a week (bathroom, showers and driving do not count) 

Week 9: Cut Out: SUGAR (fruit sugar & occasional dark chocolate okay). Add: Journal everyday 

Week 10: Cut Out: Everything minus Paleo approved foods. Add: Blog at least 2x a week. 

I am ready. Today is the start of Week 1! And I am actually excited because this feels like I can accomplish getting healthy going at a nice slow pace that will work for me. I know what is coming and there will be no surprises.


  1. Hey Aubrey! I tried to post this comment from my phone earlier, but it all just disappeared when I hit submit. So sorry if you get two submissions!

    I just wanted to say that this plan looks VERY ambitious! How are you fairing so far?

    I also did some goal setting back in November. My goals are more financial in nature, and meal planning is actually what led me to your blog. I'm not paleo, but I like to aim for these types of recipes. I love me my 2 cans of condensed soup + a processed flavoring packet meals, but I also recognize that I can't eat that every night! I like to think browsing and trying the paleo stuff keeps me balanced. :)

    As far as my financial goals go... Well... I thought I had set myself up on a gradual enough curve, but I'm not doing as well as I hoped. I'm technically on track for 2015, but I feel behind in the sense that I thought starting in November would get me ahead. I've made good progress in becoming aware of my spending, and choosing to put my time and money into creating meals and leftovers I'll actually eat. But I'm still struggling with the difference between unexpected necessities and impulse purchases.

    Hope you're doing better than me, and if not, don't beat yourself up! Your plan is admirable, and I love the Cut Out/Add approach you're taking, but I know this time frame would have been a little much for me!

    1. Hi Samantha! You are right it was very ambitious!! I did really great with the no soda and then things went downhill :( during the holidays we completely fell off the healthy eating wagon but I'm happy to say the past two weeks have been great! Very little sugar and very little processed food.i always have the tendency to try things that are really ambitious and then fall back into old habits when the change is too much. And the past couple of weeks I've been trying to allow myself to just eat healthy but not so strictly and that approach has been working way better! I wish you luck in your financial goals! I think there are a lot of similarities between spending money and eating unhealthy food. Both can be impulsive in nature. I find it helps me before purchasing an item or eating a cooking just stopping and asking myself- do I NEED this? If the answer is maybe then that's a No in my book :) as humans we really NEED very little but our wants can cloud our judgement. Thank you for the comment!


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