Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Prep for a Paleo Challenge

The hubby and I decided about a month ago that today would be the beginning of our first 60-day challenge. I have been preparing ever since-mentally and by meal planning. I decided to make a menu with 15 meals that we will rotate throughout the challenge. On weekends we usually eat out one night and eat at my parents house one night- so in 2 months we will only repeat a meal every 15 days. There is also flexibility and if I find a recipe I really want to try then I can change out any of the 15, but I think it is important to have a basis.

I am open to sharing everything- grocery lists, meals, recipes, etc. There are some sites out there that charge for meal planning but I would rather share what we are doing so other people can feel inspired to do their own challenge. Here is what you need to do to be prepared.

Two Weeks Out: 

-Decide what day you are going to start the challenge. We planned ours for the week after we got home form vacation because we knew we would be rushing the week we got back. Set yourself up for success- don't plan to start the day before your birthday or before something you know you will want to be free to enjoy without restrictions.

-Start meal planning. Pick out 15 meals from blogs, cookbooks or recipe books. Start gathering some of the more expensive ingredients if you don't want a huge bill all at once. Since I have done Paleo for years I already have a lot of those ingredients on hand. I would make sure I have: coconut oil, olive oil, almond flour, arrowroot powder (not a necessity but I always have some on hand) and any nut butters you like.

-Start to detox. This doesn't mean start Paleo early- it just means DRINK A LOT OF WATER. Preferably with doTERRA Lemon Oil or fresh squeezed lemons. Also start adding veggies if you don't already eat them.

One Week Out: 

-Continue to detox and picking up the expensive ingredients.

- I like to tell family and close friends what we are up to so they don't pressure you to eat things you can't have.

-Think about WHY you are doing this- maybe write out a list of reasons and tape them to your bathroom mirror to inspire you when shiz gets hard in about a week.

-Start to accept a few things now. First thing- this isn't easy if you eat like crap. Eating healthy takes EFFORT, planning and discipline. The first week or so is hell. Your body is ridding itself of toxins and it isn't a pretty process. Prepare yourself to be tired, cranky, maybe sugar craving headaches, etc. Just remember it only gets easier after week 1 and you will start to see results fast.

-Make your first weeks meal plan and grocery list

The Day Before: 

-Make that big grocery trip!

-Rid your house of everything non-paleo. If you don't feel good about throwing perfectly good food away (like me) then donate it.

-Take before shots if you want to, and weigh yourself.

-Have that last craving you haven't given in to. I drank a milkshake last night and enjoyed every minute of it (until my stomach began to hurt).

-Make some meal preparations if you know you will have busy days. I did this yesterday- I baked two chicken breasts to have in the fridge for emergency meals. I also prepared two of my meats for two dinners. I have them in ziploc bags waiting in my fridge and all I have to do is either throw them in the oven or in the crock pot. I meant to make paleo bars but ran out of time and will be making those soon.

Here is my Menu for Week 1: 

Monday: Turkey Cabbage (Recipe here)

Tuesday: Taco Chicken w/Avocado and Salad (Recipe here)

Wednesday: BBQ Pork Tenderloin Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Cauliflower (recipe coming soon)

Thursday: Marinara Chicken with Zoodles and Against the Grain Garlic Bread (recipe here)

Friday: Paleo Burgers with all the Fixin's and Salad (recipe here)

This was my big grocery list for Trader Joes where I got everything I needed for the Menu and extra stuff for Snacks:

Grocery List 
-3 packs of Chicken breasts (I actually got a big 10lb pack at Sams Club which is cheaper)
-1lb ground beef or pre made burger patties
-1-2lb pork tenderloin
-2 packs bacon
-1lb Ground Turkey


-Coconut flour
-Almond Meal
-Almond butter

-Zucchinis (4)
-Sweet Potatoes (3 large)
-Avocados (A Pack of 5)
-A head of Cauliflower
-Two packs of Salad (iceberg and arugula)
-Can of diced tomatoes
-Can of green chile
-3 onions

-Coconut oil
-Olive Oil
-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Maple Syrup
-Plantain Chips (5 bags)
-Spices I needed
-Coconut Cream to have on hand
-Taco seasoning
-BBQ Sauce
-Dark chocolate
-Kerry Gold Butter

I will also have to run to Whole Foods to get my Against The Grain Bread- which I love.

Here was my lunch on day 1:

Some of that baked chicken, arugula, grapes, plantain chips and guacamole. Yummmm. The Turkey Cabbage for dinner was also awesome and I have plenty for lunch.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!

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