Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I feel like meatballs

Soooo......Sorry I have been MIA. I actually have a good excuse.

We had a baby!

A perfectly healthy, beautiful baby girl. Needless to say I have been busy. That is actually an understatement- I haven't showered since Saturday. Gross, I know. My list of priorities goes like this: 
1. Baby
2. Sleep
3. Eat 
4. Personal Hygiene 

So as you can see blogging isn't even on the list. The only reason I am now is because I have a sleeping baby on my lap with a full belly and clean diaper. This happens very rarely and usually I would use this precious time to sleep, eat or shower but I don't want to move her because number one she looks so cute and I love snuggles and number two she has been sleeping really lightly today so moving her would mean waking her and she needs her sleep. 

Ahhh she is waking up. So very quickly- I have been sucking at eating Paleo because cooking is probably number 25 on my priority list with a newborn. So I have just been stuffing whatever I can down my throat when I can- but I have been craving Paleo foods. Weird. I usually crave sweets or fries but instead I have been craving Paleo stuff. It must be my body saying, "Dude, breastfeeding is hard please feed me something I can use!" So my goal is to make these at some time this week. They sound so good. They are so good. I just need to make them! 


And for dinner I made some Paleo meatballs...YUM. You need a crock pot. And some time to make these. 
What you need: 
-1lb ground beef 
-1lb hot or mild italian sausage 
-1/2 cup almond meal
-1 jar of marinara  
-2 carrots 
-3 celery sticks 
- 1 onion
-garlic cloves (3-5) 
-3 eggs 
-spices (I used salt, pepper, garlic powder and red pepper flakes) 

Step 1: I added the ground beef, spicy sausage, dices carrots and diced celery to a big bowl.  


Step 2: Then I added 3 eggs, almond meal (I get mine from Trader Joe's and the minced garlic to the 

Step 4: I then mixed all the ingredients together and made baseball sized balls with the mixture. 

Step 5: I put my slow cooker on low and added all the meatballs, the onion and then added a jar of marinara. 
Step 6: Finally, I let this cook for low for 6-8 hours and served it with some spaghetti squash and an Against The Grain Roll that I cut in half, added butter, garlic salt and cheese then baked for about 10-15 minutes (until the cheese melted). 
 This was delicious!! And it went very well with a nice glass of red wine! :) 

So in summary: I had a baby who is awesome. The best baby ever to exist. And I want meatballs. In particular the meatballs mentioned above. The end. 

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