Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Throwback Number 7

Here is the last throwback! I am currently 37 weeks preggers and the last week has felt like an eternity!!!! I am trying my best to ignore the swelling, my back aches and my HUGE stomach but it is proving to be pretty difficult. I am so ready to meet this baby. Anyways, I will need to start preparing a few more freezer meals for when she gets here. I am not making any promises- but my goal is to have these up in the next few days. I cannot wait to have this baby and start eating healthy and working out again!! Right now I am trying but I have not been able to stay away from gluten and from a lot of the bad processed stuff just because I am honestly at a point where I just don't care! I know that sounds awful...but with how crappy I feel (probably also due to the foods I am eating) when I want some spaghetti- I have some spaghetti. Do I suggest all pregnant people do this? No. But hey- I am human and all I can do is try my best to get better. I have been craving fresh squeezed juices and I eat as many bananas as a monkey. So not all of my habits are terrible but I know next pregnancy I will do my best to stick to Paleo even if my morning sickness is back in full throttle. Anyways- I am off subject! Here is one of our favorites AND one of the things I can make instead of eating pizza or gluten when I am craving some Italian. Hope you enjoy :)

Paleo Chicken Parm

Last night I ended up going to the early CrossFit class (where I completed death by power cleans...ouch!) so I had time to make dinner once I got home.

I was feeling extra Italian so I decided to make some Paleo Chicken Parmesan and I wanted to make it fast and easy.

I used Trader Joes Marinara for the sauce- I always add extra garlic, red pepper flakes and italian seasoning to my sauce.

What ya need: 
-Chicken breasts 
-A can of marinara 
-3 small or 1 large zucchini squash 
-3/4 bag of spinach 
-olive oil 
-spices (basil, oregano, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, s&p) 
-almond flour
-2 eggs 

 I am in a rush so instead of writing out each instruction I will show you what to do via pictures. Start by pre heating your oven to 375.
 Start by heating up that marinara and leaving it to simmer while you do everything else. Add all of the spices to this sauce and let it meld together (is meld a word?!).  Next grab two eggs and beat them together. Get some almond flour and mix it with spices (I used basil, oregano and red pepper flakes).
Butterfly your chicken breasts and set up a little "breading" station. Dip a piece of chicken and cover both sides in the egg mixture then do the same with the almond flour. Place the chicken onto a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Throw those suckers in the oven at 375 for 35 minutes.
While the chicken is cooking grab your zucchini and use a mandolin slicer to make it look like spaghetti but so much healthier. I have made a decision. I know I am big about spaghetti squash- but this is 10x easier and I think tastes 10x better- SO I would like to formally say I like zucchini noodles better. Feels good getting that off my chest.
Grab a bag of spinach (just for added flavor and nutritional value) and saute about 3/4 of it in a pan with olive oil. When it is wilted add in your zucchini noodles and warm everything up. I added a bit of butter and put it in the microwave to keep it warm.
When the chicken looked finished and crispy plate it by adding the noodles first then the chicken and finally add some of that sauce to the top. I like adding parmesan to the top too because I love cheese but you don't have to!

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