Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Day 4

I have done a chicken, pizza and spaghetti recipe so far. I decided to go with BBQ & turkey today to mix it up a little. These would go great with a side salad or any veggie of your choice!!

Hope you enjoy :)

Twice Baked BBQ Turkey Sweet Potatoes 

What you need: 
-2 large sweet potatoes 
-1lb ground turkey 
-1 onion 
-3-4 garlic cloves
-Spices to your liking. I used red pepper flakes, oregano, salt, pepper and a little chipotle seasoning 

This is a fairly easy recipe. First- cut your sweet potatoes in half lengthwise and throw them in the oven which should be set to about 400-425 degrees. Let these cook until while you make your turkey.

For the turkey:
Add some olive oil to a pan and cook the onions for about 3 minutes. Add your chopped garlic and then your turkey. Cook your turkey until cooked all the way through and add spices.

After about 30 min (my oven takes longer than all other ovens) your potatoes should be mushy enough so you can spoon the insides out very carefully. Be sure not to tear the skin or you will not be able to fill them. Take the insides and add it to the turkey mixture. Take scoops of the mixture and add it to the skins then cook for about 5 minutes until the tops are hardened. We added BBQ sauce to the tops and really enjoyed these.

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