Saturday, January 4, 2014

Essential Oils

Yesterday was a bump in the road for healthy eating. The morning started strong with a banana and some scrambled eggs. Things soon went downhill when I ate a rice krispie, some chicken nachos (I will say it was all fresh ingredients and homemade corn chips), a cupcake (I have no excuse- it was delicious) and ended with a veggie pizza. I was able to stay away from soda and drank a ton of water which is a plus. It is also a plus that I ended up having a pretty good amount of vegetables throughout the day which is always a good thing. Today has been pretty good so far! Leftover chicken and sweet potato mash for breakfast, a little cutie and a burrito bowl stacked with veggies and chicken for lunch. Not to mention I have been sipping on some lemon water made with my doTERRA essential oil kit. Overall- not perfect but SO much better than I have been. As long as I continue moving forward I will be happy. The hubs on the other hand has kicked my butt in the healthy eating department (I know, it's not a competition…although competitions make things so much more fun). He has pretty much been Paleo for these past few days with an exception of a little cheese. He ate a pretty amazing looking salad while I stuffed my face with pizza and has not touched a sweet. He has also been waking up every morning before work and completing his Train to Hunt WODs. I am proud of his effort and it inspires me to do better. Our mutual goal is to bring the baby into an environment where healthy living is a priority. I know how to eat healthy. I am actually very good at it once I give it 100%- but a lesson I have been learning lately is there are other aspects of healthy living. Another obvious aspect is working out. I love to work out. I miss CrossFit like crazy and once baby is here I cannot wait to get back into the box. Fitness has always been and will always be a major part of my life. Besides these two aspects of healthy living- what else is there? Well two things that have been recently added to my list are: a healthy dose of spirituality and the use of these essential oils. We have been doing our best to attend church every Sunday and to read a little bit of the bible everyday. These two small spiritual changes have truly added to our happiness and health.  Now onto the newest addition to my list of ingredients for a healthy life: essential oils.

The use of these oils came about by chance. I happened to be getting insomnia due to my pregnancy. As a fluke my mom had just purchased her first batch of oils after a friend recommended them to her. I was lucky enough to have a friend who could suggest the correct ones for me to use. I used them and BAM. Insomnia gone and my interest spiked. What are these things? How in the world have I slept throughout the night EVERY night for WEEKS since taking them? If they work so great for my insomnia what else can I use them for? Was it just by chance or are these things actually legitimate? Well as these questions were coursing through my mind I continued to use them for my sleep…until last night. I forgot. I went to sleep and just like clockwork I was up at 3 AM and wide awake- just like before I started using the oils. I was shocked. It was only one night that I forgot!! As I laid there at 3 AM and awake I finally decided I am convinced. So after 30 or so minutes I walked to the kitchen grabbed the lavender and frankincense, put two drops of each on both feet and before 4 AM I was asleep all the way until 8 AM. I am sold. It took me a while but I am officially no longer questioning the legitimacy and instead I am thirsty for knowledge. Yesterday I met with the woman who initially got my mom's friend started with these doTERRA essential oils. We talked about my interest in becoming a part of the company. I was open and honest with her- I told her I used them for my insomnia and they worked so it sparked my interest but I really didn't know a lot about them. I also told her I had this kit I got for Christmas and I wanted to use them on some sort of daily regiment instead of only to help ease my insomnia. She taught me a lot!! And this is the regiment I came up with after learning and soaking in lots of information. 


 I am going to use Breathe which is a respiratory blend. I have been very stuffed up lately and this blend should help. .
I am going to use some Lemon in my water in the morning. The lemon is a cleanser as well as a mood elevator. 


I will continue with my Lavender plus Frankincense blend to combat my insomnia. Lavender is a calming oil and Frankincense is basically the king of the oils. It has so many uses I could write an entire post on it. One of them is anti-inflammation which is another fun pregnancy symptom. 

I am also going to use On Guard which a immune supporting blend. I will put this on my feet as well. 

This is what I have so far. I plan on adding to this daily regiment as I learn more. I am really excited to add these to our life. I will also be slowly adding these to my husband everyday as he allows!! I have already rubbed Peppermint on his head twice and rid of him two headaches within minutes of applying the Peppermint which impressed him. As with CrossFit and Paleo it might take him a little longer to be 100% convinced than it takes me but that is one of the reasons he is so perfect for me. I get overly excited and he thinks things through. I hope my new adventures with oils will inspire someone else to give these a shot because I can say after a short amount of time they have already helped me tremendously. 

On another note...Need a good recipe for dinner tonight? This is what we might be having and it is one of our favorites because it never disappoints. Give it a shot! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Years!! We are FINALLY getting back on track. We have had a very busy, crazy and amazing couple of months. We have traveled A LOT and made some really great memories. From South Carolina weddings to a European vacation it feels really good to be in my pajamas, in the USA and feeling like I can start to organize my life before our baby gets here. I am currently baking some Paleo Taco Chicken that I plan on eating with an avocado, plantain chips and salsa for lunch. I am even considering making a tiny Nutribullet with a handful of spinach, half and apple and some coconut water to drink with this lunch.

The hubby woke up early and worked out this morning. I stumbled across a really cool workout program that CrossFit mentioned on their Instagram called Train to Hunt. So the hubs has subscribed and finished his first WOD this morning. I am getting huge due to a growing baby and plan on taking my workouts easy but keeping them consistent. Today might be my last day off (I have had an awful sore throat due to congestion) where I can finish recovering before I get back into the gym. Being away from CrossFit has reinforced the old saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" for me. I have caught myself imagining all of the workouts I am going to do post baby and I have been missing the lifestyle an unhealthy amount. Which makes me really excited to get my pre baby body back and share with you beginning CrossFit again for the first time in a long time and my journey to get back to my old PR's and back into shape.

Other new and exciting things? I have been using some essential oils to ease some of my pregnancy symptoms. This Christmas my mom bought me a whole kit full of them and I am SO excited to start reading, researching and educating myself on how to incorporate these into my life on a daily basis. They are called doTERRA essential oils and I am meeting with a woman in the next couple of weeks in order to sign up so I can spread the word to the rest of my family and friends. So watch out for a lot of essential oil talks. Here is one article I recently read that I found very informative on the use of essential oils-

I was experiencing some insomnia and my friend Brittany from-

told me to use some lavender and frankincense on the bottom of my feet before bed. I was skeptical at first until I tried it and slept like a baby ALL night! I have been ever since she suggested this. I would encourage you to check out her blog- she is my natural medicine/health guru idol. She is very intelligent and understand the science behind a lot of the things that have inspired me on my health journey. She can actually answer people with an informed answer when sometimes I feel like my only answer, "Well I tried that and then I felt better" or "Well I ate this stuff and not any of that stuff and I felt great".

So I am ready to get back on the blogosphere and if you are interested in eating Paleo-ish, essential oils, CrossFit and health in general then feel free to join me in my new adventures!!
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