Friday, July 12, 2013

Days 3 & 4

Well that was short lived. We got sick. Which threw a big wrench into the "I will work out for 10 days straight plan". The hubs had a pretty high fever, the chills and a stomach ache. I had a stomach ache and a pretty awful headache. So we lived off soup, crackers and gatorades on Thursday. Which meant no cooking. No cooking=no leftovers. No leftovers=eating out. Eating out=bad. So for lunch I had a subway sandwich and after dinner I had some popcorn and candy at the movies. Ugh. So here we are again. Except now it is t minus 6 days until we leave. So operation eating healthy, working out and getting my life back together goes into full effect (again) tomorrow.

As I continue my health journey (which has taken a major detour these past 2 months) I am learning that life throws some obstacles in your path and you don't always overcome them in the way you wish you did but that doesn't mean you give up. I have all the tools I need- I can cook, I know how to make healthy food taste awesome, I have the time, I have the means, I have the knowledge and I have the desire (deep down) but what I am I lacking? Motivation. When you get into a pattern of eating unhealthier than you want and when excuses become your new normal ("I am too busy" "I am too tired" "We got sick" etc) it gets really difficult to get back on track. It is a pretty sick cycle because when you eat unhealthy you lose energy. When you lose energy you stop working out. When you stop working out you get out of shape. When you get out of shape you feel pissed when you do work out and you suck at it. So then you end up feeling tired, fat and lazy. When you feel tired, fat and lazy you decide you need to get back on track but the problem is you feel too tired, fat and lazy to put in the effort. That is where I am at now- I have the TFL's (tired, fat, lazies).

So how will I drag my TFL ass out of this cycle? I am going to wake up tomorrow and run. Then I am going to drink a protein shake. Then I am going to throw away all the gross food at my house. Then I am going to cook some chicken for lunch. I will eat that chicken with a sh*t ton of vegetables. Then I am going to make a Paleo dinner and eat that. Then I will have one day under my belt and I will worry about the next day then because right now I feel too TFL to even think about it.

One day at a time.
One meal at a time.
One WOD at a time.

I will get back on track. It will suck but I know once I do overall I will be a much happier person. Because even though it is sooooooooo much easier being TFL it makes me grumpy. And negative. And unhappy. For those of you just reading this blog it isn't always such an awful Paleo blog full of non-paleo food written by someone who just ate a pack of Nestle Buncha Crunch. So stick with me and I will get back to my every day recipes/healthy lifestyle. Soon. Hopefully.

Here is a Paleo recipe for those of you are still fighting the good fight. I will be joining you soon- keep strong and healthy!!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I have not been doing too terrible!! I worked out yesterday & today. Today we did a kickboxing/cardio video that was fun and yesterday we did this WOD in my parent's garage gym AKA the Dojo.

5 dead-lifts (95/185)
10 Bar Facing burpees ( I did regular ones)
15 sit ups
Run 200M

The hubs did the entire thing in a weighted vest. For dinner last night my Dad made fresh collard greens from his garden, brown rice and black eyed peas (and jalapeno cheddar corn bread of which I only had one piece). So I had that for lunch today and for breakfast I had an egg with a chicken sausage. Came home drank a protein shake and worked out. For dinner I had some chicken tacos (and maybe some queso...).

All said and done I have not done too terrible. Could I cut out some cheese? Yes. I am also trying my best to drink TONS of water and I have been doing a good job of that. Already feeling a little better :)

Here is a picture of the delicious dinner/lunch and NO this is not Paleo.

But since this IS a Paleo blog and all I will post a nice recipe for all of you to enjoy :)

Here is my friend Brooke's Protein Turkey Burger and a link to the recipe on her family's blog.

Happy eating!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Intervention Time

It is time for a foodervention. I have been eating bad. By bad I mean really bad. I am talking pizza, soda, chips...just typing it all out makes my tummy hurt. Granted- I am not waking up in the morning pounding a coke and eating pizza for breakfast- but there have been A LOT of family get togethers in the past week and I have been enjoying all the food offered. It all started with 4th of July, then there was family dinners, then there was my grandpa's funeral- which included a lot of cake and italian desserts afterwards and now I find myself incredibly bloated, feeling gross and exactly t-minus 10 days until Hawaii and I am in a bikini for a week straight. Oh boy.

10 days. Crap. So I need to get my booty (and midsection) in gear for this upcoming vacation. Why? Number one- I want to look like a normal human not a baby whale in a bikini (ahh the negative self talk is back!) Number two- I want to be able to eat a ton of food in Hawaii and have a few extra pounds I can work with. Ya, not the healthiest reason but if I go and I am already feeling gross and bad then I get there and keep this up for the 10 days we are there it will be that much harder to get back into shape once we are home.

SO let it begin. Day 1 of 10.

Breakfast- Protein shake & coconut water
Lunch-I have packed a greek salad and a green juice
Dinner- no idea what dinner will consist of

I also plan on working out for 10 days straight. Yes I do. 10 days straight. I have done it before and honestly I should be working out more anyways. So not sure what today will consist of but I will keep you posted once I work out.

For your viewing pleasure I will post my ultimate health goal person. If I could get into this kind of shape (it might require owning my our CrossFit and doing nothing but working out) it would be amazing.

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