Sunday, June 16, 2013

Guess Who's Back...Back Again

Whew. It has been quite a while!! And boy has a lot changed. The hubby and I made a move across the country, we left our wonderful CrossFit, got new jobs (yes-I got a job!), moved into a new place, reunited with our dog child and ate pretty crappy through it all. We are finally settled into our new home and on the prowl for a new box. We have been to a few we really like but we have not been able to find one that has times that will work for us. We have been 100 times more busy since moving. The hubby has a job AND he is coaching the o-line for my little brother's high school football team. So not only is there work all day but now we have added practices at night. Trying to find a box, sort of near of us, with a 7 AM class AND a shower has been very difficult. We have had a blast in Vegas but we do miss our CrossFit CoolSprings family and our awesome friends. The great thing about being home has been being able to see my family all the time. It has been incredible having them right down the road. Enough about my life- you may be thinking this a Paleo blog shut up and get to a Paleo recipe already. 

So what have we been eating? The better question is what haven't we been eating, Driving 33 hours in a U Haul meant a lot of trips to fast food (bleh). Being back we have done pretty well- but still have not gone full force into our old eating habits. I started a nutrition plan given to me by my old CrossFit coach Jamie Free and I have really enjoyed it but have had trouble the past week eating the amount I am supposed to be eating. I know the plan works for me because I lost all the weight I gained on the road trip (about 7lbs) in a little over a week but I have yet to lean out and without CrossFit everyday I can tell my strength is decreasing dramatically. After that success I have fallen off the nutrition wagon this past week. I have plenty of excuses of why- but why bore with you those? The fact is I have not been trying hard enough. Excuses are just reasons we make up to make us feel better and to make the truth not seem so harsh. Excuse: I have been so busy with my new job, and with the move and settling in I just haven't had the time to prepare my food. Truth: I did not make the time and got lazy. There it is. I have been lazy about it and it is time to get my butt back in gear. I have a lot more to talk about but have to run so I will leave you with a link to a Paleo recipe from one of my favorite sites. 

Enjoy :) 

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