Monday, October 28, 2013

Re-Booting my Healthy Lifestyle

After my last post I received lots of support and positivity- so thank you to those that reached out! It truly meant a lot to me and has given me the push I need to get my healthy lifestyle back on track. Lately- our lives feel like they have been on fast forward. The hubs has been traveling like crazy for work and busy with football. We have been traveling for weddings and my mother in law visited last week. Needless to say it has been very busy. Which is my favorite excuse for not cooking/eating unhealthy. Now add being pregnant to this with my carb cravings and it has been a recipe for diet disaster (disaster is the best word I can think of to describe what I have been eating like). Luckily this past week I have added back exercise and I think I worked out 4 times last week. Which helped with my energy levels. We leave tomorrow night (on a red eye flight) for one of my very best friend's weddings in Charleston, SC. I am so excited but know that if I have any chance of beginning this re-boot of my diet I will need to prepare! Starting with a trip to Whole Foods or Trader Joes for some flight friendly snacks that will get us through the next couple of days. I also think I am going to start with making some Paleo Bars and I want to try out a new recipe this time- so stay tuned for that recipe later today or tomorrow. 
I am starting to show. I can't tell if it is the pasta I have been eating or the baby in my stomach! Either way I have seemed to have popped in the last few days. It is really awesome but also a little difficult readjusting to the changes in my body. I think once I begin to eat healthier this transition will become a lot easier because I will know all the changes are due to baby and not to the cookies I ate the night before. I have been doing a lot better taking my prenatals and they have not made me feel sick at all lately. 

So as I always do I want to make some goals for this week- and next week once we are home I can re-adjust these. Changing the way you eat can cause a lot of detoxing for your body- and it is REALLY important not to make radical changes really quickly. Lots of people will eat like crap then go on a week juice cleanse the day after binging on a cheeseburger. This can shock your system and the side effects are way more intense then they have to be. I have become very aware of doing everything a lot slower now that I am pregnant- so this readjustment will not be me starting a 30 day challenge out of the blue like I used to. Instead I am going to ease into my old lifestyle- so this is how I plan to do it this week: 

1. WATER. I want to up my water intake as much as I can this week. I am completely cutting out soda and tea and replacing with more water. 

2. Fruit. I want to eat at least 1 piece of fruit a day- preferably more. 

3. Veggies. Veggies with at least TWO meals a day. (obviously as many as I can eat is the ultimate goal). 

4. Cut out SOME sugar. I have been eating more sugar than I should be. This can be dangerous during pregnancy due to the fact your body digests things differently. So taking out soda is step one and step two is limiting dessert to 2 times a week this week. Next week I can limit more and the final step (later) will be cutting out juice too (I have had an unhealthy love for orange juice since becoming pregnant). 

5. Keep moving and exercising!! 

Here we go- I am starting off this challenge with some very attainable goals for this week. Hopefully soon I can cut out grain and gluten again (yikes!) but we will cross that bridge when I get there. 

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