Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Outta Control

Wanna know how you can tell when your diet is out of control? When your lunch looks like this:
And when your breakfast included a rice krispie treat. Someone save me. Someone punch me in the face. I must be stopped. Now today has been 100% bad (I did have a banana and some almonds...but that won't save me). I had turkey cabbage for dinner, and a spinach mango Nutri Bullet yesterday. And greek yogurt for breakfast. Sometimes salads for lunch...but my arch nemesis is back and it goes by the name of failure to plan. I have not been planning meals. Which means when there is FREE pizza at work I end up stuffing my face with it instead of going to buy a salad from El Pollo Loco. I chose the pizza. Why? Because I am undisciplined and because I love pizza. It is so good. If you are here reading my blog for the first time you might be thinking, "Wow, this girl sucks at eating Paleo why am I reading it?" Good question. I wish I had the answer. You can always look at all the great recipes from days when I do well. I have always been honest about the fact that I am human. I make mistakes. I eat crappy sometimes and I don't hide it. Because for most people that are trying their hardest to live their healthiest life- it is a daily battle. We screw up. We eat pizza for lunch. We even have bad MONTHS. We buy bridesmaids dresses that we probably aren't going to fit in by October. But we keep trying. There are some super-human robots out there that eat healthy for years at a time without messing up- but that's not me. I must have some issues with food that need delving into...or I might just be busy and lazy right now. What ever it is I am off track. But I am also willing to call it what it is...unpreparedness, laziness, lack of desire... and hit it head on. So next meal I will do better. And the meal after that. I am feeling so off track at this point I need to stop trying to make sweeping plans for 30 day challenges- it has not been working for me. So I have decided that for now I am taking this one meal at a time. One snack at a time. One good choice at a time (after my pizza lunch). So who wants to join me in a new kind of challenge?

I shall call it the 1-Meal Paleo Challenge. I am going for one meal at a time and once I complete that meal I am going for the next meal. Maybe if I stop stressing about the bigger picture of the challenge and start focusing on the PRESENT - the here and now- maybe I can find a way to get myself back on track. And once I have gotten myself to a place where I feel good I can think about a 30 day then.

Also- I have signed up for a new CrossFit here in Vegas and I am STOKED. It is called CrossFit 702- check out their website----->

I am really excited to started with a new community. And one of my best friends who I have known since 5th grade goes there. I have already decided starting on Monday my goal is to go 4 days a week. I honestly think once I get my working out back on track my diet will soon follow.

Okay 1-Meal Challenge begins with Dinner! Wish me luck ( I need it).

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  1. Girl give yourself a break! Time for upgraded paleo :) Miss you!


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