Sunday, August 4, 2013

Days 2 & 3

The challenge has been going really well! For lunch on Day 2 I had leftover curry and zoodles. And for dinner I decided to make my Paleo Blue Cheese Meatloaf with some steamed broccoli. On Yesterday we went golfing for a tournament very early in the morning. I had a banana for breakfast but by the time we started golfing I started to feel nauseous. I had some gatorade mixed with water (not paleo) and some peanuts (also not paleo) because I needed something and these were the closest choices I had to Paleo. When lunch finally arrived I ordered a bun-less burger with a side of fruit. After golf I made myself a NB (NutriBullet) with avocado, apple, pineapple and coconut water.
For dinner on Saturday we got an Against The Grain Pizza (you all know how much I love these things) and we put on tons of tasty ingredients (pepperoni, leftover meatloaf, fresh basil, jalepenos, mushrooms, olives, etc.)
And today (Day 4) I woke up, had a banana and now I am starving so I think it will be leftover meatloaf for lunch. For dinner tonight we are having Thanksgiving in August. I know- weird. But my little sister will be studying abroad for a semester so we are having early thanksgiving for her and I am really excited to hang out with family and eat some turkey. I have already decided that I am alloeing myself mashed potatoes but nothing else. If you haven't noticed Matt and I allow dairy in our challenges. So far we have had too much and one of my goals for next week is to cut some out. 

While at Walmart one day I discovered a sweet little gem called Coco Cafe and have been searching in stores ever since. Unfortunately I cannot find where to buy this in bulk so today I grabbed about 7 individuals and bought them. Here is a picture: 
Check out their website: . Looks like I can only get a 12 pack off Amazon for an arm and leg. I will continue my search because this stuff is AWESOME. Later tonight I need to lay out a menu for the week and get ready for our first full week of the challenge. So far it's been pretty good. Only problem is I have felt tired/nauseous some mornings and if I remember correctly this is totally normal due to the amount of detoxing my body is going through. I usually feel this way the first week and it means I am doing the challenge well because my body is naturally cleansing. It isn't too late to join me and start your own 30 day challenge! 

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