Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Intervention Time

It is time for a foodervention. I have been eating bad. By bad I mean really bad. I am talking pizza, soda, chips...just typing it all out makes my tummy hurt. Granted- I am not waking up in the morning pounding a coke and eating pizza for breakfast- but there have been A LOT of family get togethers in the past week and I have been enjoying all the food offered. It all started with 4th of July, then there was family dinners, then there was my grandpa's funeral- which included a lot of cake and italian desserts afterwards and now I find myself incredibly bloated, feeling gross and exactly t-minus 10 days until Hawaii and I am in a bikini for a week straight. Oh boy.

10 days. Crap. So I need to get my booty (and midsection) in gear for this upcoming vacation. Why? Number one- I want to look like a normal human not a baby whale in a bikini (ahh the negative self talk is back!) Number two- I want to be able to eat a ton of food in Hawaii and have a few extra pounds I can work with. Ya, not the healthiest reason but if I go and I am already feeling gross and bad then I get there and keep this up for the 10 days we are there it will be that much harder to get back into shape once we are home.

SO let it begin. Day 1 of 10.

Breakfast- Protein shake & coconut water
Lunch-I have packed a greek salad and a green juice
Dinner- no idea what dinner will consist of

I also plan on working out for 10 days straight. Yes I do. 10 days straight. I have done it before and honestly I should be working out more anyways. So not sure what today will consist of but I will keep you posted once I work out.

For your viewing pleasure I will post my ultimate health goal person. If I could get into this kind of shape (it might require owning my our CrossFit and doing nothing but working out) it would be amazing.

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