Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I have not been doing too terrible!! I worked out yesterday & today. Today we did a kickboxing/cardio video that was fun and yesterday we did this WOD in my parent's garage gym AKA the Dojo.

5 dead-lifts (95/185)
10 Bar Facing burpees ( I did regular ones)
15 sit ups
Run 200M

The hubs did the entire thing in a weighted vest. For dinner last night my Dad made fresh collard greens from his garden, brown rice and black eyed peas (and jalapeno cheddar corn bread of which I only had one piece). So I had that for lunch today and for breakfast I had an egg with a chicken sausage. Came home drank a protein shake and worked out. For dinner I had some chicken tacos (and maybe some queso...).

All said and done I have not done too terrible. Could I cut out some cheese? Yes. I am also trying my best to drink TONS of water and I have been doing a good job of that. Already feeling a little better :)

Here is a picture of the delicious dinner/lunch and NO this is not Paleo.

But since this IS a Paleo blog and all I will post a nice recipe for all of you to enjoy :)

Here is my friend Brooke's Protein Turkey Burger and a link to the recipe on her family's blog.

Happy eating!

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