Monday, May 6, 2013

Quick Catch Up- Hungry for Change

WOAH! it has been waaaay too long!! I am exhausted after CrossFit so I do not have enough energy to write more than a little bit. We have been doing really well and eating some pretty tasty and healthy food lately. Over the weekend we watched an AMAZING documentary called- Hungry for Change.

If you have an hour and a half to spare I HIGHLY encourage you to watch Hungry for Change. It opened my eyes to a lot of things that I was not aware of before.

Seriously. Watch it. ASAP.

I took notes I loved it so much-what kind of nerd takes notes while watching a documentary? This girl.

One of the quotes that truly impacted me was in regards to changing the way you think about food if you ever want to be healthy. This was the quote:

"Instead of thinking 'I really want that but I CAN'T have it- say I CAN have that but I don't want it'".

Mind. Blown.

Stop dieting! Start LEARNING about what you are putting into your mouth. Learn about how harmful chemically altered and processed foods are for you. Food is killing us and as a country we haven't opened our eyes and accepted it. The next time you are staring at that grocery store blueberry muffin (which I learned in the documentary has NO blueberries in it- the 'blueberries' are a mixture of toxic chemicals and dyes) instead of thinking "Oh man if I wasn't on a diet I would eat that I really want it" Think to yourself, "Wow, I could eat that right now but knowing what is in it repulses me". If you are really DYING for a blueberry muffin- get off your a** get some blueberries, flour, etc. and make a fresh one!!

Am I perfect? No. Do I eat bad things sometimes (see last post on Taco Bell). Yes. After seeing this film am I changing the way I think? YES!! I just hope the next time I am tempted to have something like that I think about what I have learned and I won't WANT it anymore. Will that be hard? Of course. I have spent 23 out of 25 years of my life eating highly addictive and processed foods not having a clue about what I was putting in my body.

All I know is after watching this film I am more educated and inspired to change my way of thinking.

Rant over.

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