Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sometimes You Just Need Taco Bell

I know. Taco Bell should be called Toxic Hell because health wise it is pretty horrible. You know what else is awful? Little Cesar's Hot N' Ready. But you know what tastes pretty amazing at 3 AM? Taco Bell. And what hits the spot the next afternoon? Pizza. The hubs and I don't really go out that often (okay, we barely go out and we are pretty lame). We are usually asleep by 10:30 every night and yes even on weekend nights. Saturday after our WOD a lot of our friends we're talking about going out downtown and we decided it was time we stopped being boring and joined everyone! We know ourselves far too well so a nap was taken that afternoon and bulletproof coffee (click on that to see what we recently discovered and have been drinking) was consumed and we made it out. Honestly, we usually are out for the count around midnight but last night we went to sleep around 4 AM. Just writing it hurts my body. We NEVER stay up until the AM's. And no- the night wasn't even some crazy time. We had a really fun time playing shuffleboard and talking and hanging out with our CrossFit buddies. I am literally in SHOCK that we stayed out that late early. It has proven to me that bulletproof coffee is pretty much the most amazing shiz out there. You know how you know you are old?? Even when you go to sleep at 4 AM your body still wakes you up around 8. I fought it but couldn't fall back into a good sleep and eventually gave up. I am a useless excuse for a human being with 4 hours of sleep. Thank goodness it's Sunday because we have watched 2 movies and laid on the couch all day long.
So what does this mean for the healthy lifestyle we have been trying so very hard to live? Well it means days like today are 1,000 times harder than they used to be. Maybe it's because we are getting older or maybe it is because we have been taking such good care of ourselves- but I don't think I could walk more than 20 feet right now. No I am not hungover- it is purely from lack of sleep and it amazes me how much this affecting me. In college we would go out late on the weekends EVERY week and during the week I would barely sleep because of studying and just not caring about sleeping enough. I could function almost totally normally and now I feel like a zombie. I honestly think days like this when you totally throw your system off you can see all the progress you have made. I know that sounds backwards- but I have had my body in a healthy pattern of sleeping 8 hours plus and eating mostly clean for such a long extended period that one day off causes this much of an effect on me.
So is it worth it??? After all of this hard work?? Umm...yes. Totally worth it. I think in the pursuit of health and happiness it is necessary to give yourself a weekend once in a while. Could I have had made better eating choices? Of course I could have, but where is the fun in that? I could have come home and ate a banana with almond butter and left all of our friends hours earlier to make sure we got more sleep- but sometimes in the pursuit of being healthy to live longer we forget to actually live. What is the point in living to age 100 if you live too strict and confined within your healthy ways and leave no room for spontaneous fun? Now- am I going to do this every weekend? NOWAY. Number 1- it might actually kill me and Number 2- my body would never heal.
This actually reminds me of an article I was reading the other day. It was about a woman named Elsie who was the oldest person in America at age 113 when she recently passed. Here is the article. The article wasn't full of comments on how healthy she ate or how she always got 8 hours of sleep- but it was about her big heart. She said she loved people. She would wake up every morning and say "what a beautiful day it is" and if it was raining she would say, "we will make our own sunshine today". How inspiring is that? Isn't that point of our lives- to love one another and to bring sunshine everywhere we go? I know I blog about eating Paleo and trying my best to be healthy- but the reasoning behind these decisions in the way I eat all go back to what makes me feel like my happiest, my most whole- self. And I can tell you right now if I stayed up to 4 AM every day and ate Taco Bell I would be very unhappy, and on the flip side if I didn't allow myself that fun once in a while I also wouldn't be very happy. Balance is one of the hardest concepts to master and I honestly think I will spend my life in pursuit of true balance- and I am fine with that. But I think the absolute most important part of living a long and healthy and happy life is loving other people and making your own sunshine. I think we all can take a few pages out of Elsie's book and the next time we get angry or we feel dislike for someone else we think about what that does to our bodies. I think feeling hate and meanness towards others is worse for our health than drinking a liter of mountain dew and eating a box of twinkies. I hope that every day I can brighten someone else's day in a small way and that I can find my happiness by being the best version of myself that I can be.
I know this was a long rant and tomorrow I will post some recipes of the healthy stuff we ate this week :)

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