Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pulled Pork & The Importance of Preparation

I completely forgot to add the recipe of the pulled pork from last week. It is super simple and we had leftovers for days.

Mexican Pulled Pork 

What you Need:

-1-2lb pork loin
-1 onion
-Green Chiles (I used small Trader Joe's Can)
-Vegetable or chicken stock or broth (you just need liquid)
-1 pack of taco seasoning

This recipe is so simple. All you do is
1. Mix the taco seasoning and broth
2. Throw all ingredients in the crock pot and cook on low for 10 hours
(I was in a hurry so I cooked on high for about 3 hours and low for 4ish-you know it is done when you can easily pull the pork apart with a fork).

We enjoyed these with some brussel sprouts, guacamole and salsa. The next day we had these again with some asparagus and we munched on leftovers for a couple days after that. It is really great to have something like this in the fridge when doing Paleo (especially a challenge) because I find myself hungry during the day or needing lunch and not having anything to eat. I think that is one of the reasons I have been SO off track lately- because I am not prepared. I will go more into that later.
 First I want to introduce you to a new recipe that was super simple and really tasty. After CrossFit on Saturday Matt and I found ourselves roaming around Whole Foods searching for something to make for brunch. Matt found a bag of sauerkraut and got really excited. Before my journey into eating Paleo there were A LOT of foods I did not like. Just to name a few of things I used to hate but now love: broccoli, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, onions, mushrooms (I still am on the fence about these) and sauerkraut. Out of the list sauerkraut was probably the top thing I disliked. After realizing that I was picky and did not give things a fair try because I actually liked so many of the things I used to hate I decided to give the same shot to sauerkraut. So we grabbed some spicy chicken sausages from the meat counter and I gave sauerkraut a shot.

Paleo Kraut & Weenies 

What you need:
-A high quality chicken sausage (free range, anti-botic free, etc.)
-A bag of Sauerkraut (we found ours at Whole Foods in the refrigerated section)
-Spices (salt, pepper)

All I did was fill up a pan with a little bit of water (enough to cover half of the sausage or a little less) and I cooked the chicken sausages. I then emptied the pan and added the sauerkraut. I cut the sausages into pieces and added to the mixture. I waited until it heated up and we served it with some mustard. We also made eggs and had a few snacks on the side. It was actually really good. My next goal is to make sauerkraut from scratch.
This was so simple I think I will add it to my list of easy things when in a bind that I can throw together instead of going out to eat. We have been going out to eat too much and it has caused me to fall from my healthy ways. The worst part of having a night like Saturday is the bounce back. It has always been my downfall- whenever I slip a little it turns into an avalanche of bad choices. Last night I went to happy hour and dinner with some friends and there I was again eating chips, salsa and everything in sight. Not to mention all the SUGAR from margaritas. I have decided SUGAR is my biggest downfall. In becoming a healthy person that has been the ONE thing that I know holds me back. Why?? Because I am not prepared enough. For example: yesterday was a busy day. I babysat from 11 to 4 PM and I always struggle on these days because I think I bring enough "snacks" but I never do. I brought a banana, some trail mix and a Lara Bar. After eating the Lara Bar I couldn't choke down more almonds and dried fruit so all I had for lunch was a banana and a Lara Bar. I WAS STARVING by the time I got home but had to quickly change and rush to happy hour. So I show up starving and down one million chips and salsa. If I would have made myself a large lunch and ate it around 1PM I would not have been ravenous come happy hour and I wouldn't have ate my bodyweight in chips.
I am considering a 21 day sugar detox. I think I need one pretty badly. I am not sure when this will occur but I have been mulling it over. I made some more Egg Cups on Monday and I added chopped up jalepeno to them. They were really good and a great first step to staying prepared with food on hand. In a nutshell here are the issues I am having:
1. I am not eating ENOUGH
2. I am eating TOO MUCH crap
These things are 100 percent related. Because I am not eating enough of THE RIGHT stuff and OFTEN I am finding myself starving and eating TOO MUCH junk. So the goal for the rest of the week is to eat more, eat more often and to stop eating crap.

Happy Eating!!

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