Monday, April 8, 2013

Bacon-Wrapped, Sausage-Stuffed, Pimento Cheese Jalepeno Poppers

Hmm...I think I should probably shorten that name...I will think about a new one that does not involve all of the ingredients, but each ingredient is so delicious how do you pick out which one to leave out!? So these things are not healthy so let's go ahead and get that out of the way. They are pretty freakin' awesome though and super easy to make. The reason I made these was for an amazing post 13.5 BBQ we had at our box- we called it 13.6. It was such a blast and it made me love our CrossFit that much more. By the way if you are in the Nashville area and want to go to a great box come try out CrossFit Coolsprings. We played games, ate, drank and had a lot of laughs.

Here is what you need for these Jalepeno Poppers..
-10 Jalepenos 
-Pimento cheese 
-10 Pieces of Bacon 
-Italian ground sausage
-some spices (salt, pepper, chipotle seasoning) 

This is what you do- first cut each jalepeno in half and clean out the seeds and membranes (unless you like them really, really spicy).
 You clean out the peppers, put some pimento cheese in it, roll up some sausage (add some spices if you want to the sausage) add it on top, cut the bacon in half and wrap it on up!!!
I placed them on a wire rack on top of a cookie sheet (so the juices drip off of the peppers and they will not get soggy). Bake on 400 for 15-20 minutes- until the bacon is cooked.
I porn. They taste even better than they look. Hard to believe but believe me. Everyone should make these once in their life.

After a weekend of fun and eating whatever and everything in sight we have both decided we need to stop. Especially after looking over my online banking statement and seeing that froyo (frozen yogurt) is becoming almost as expensive as our cable bill this month. I admit I have a froyo (which really just means sugar) problem and it is time to get back on the wagon. We are on day one of a mini 21 day challenge we are doing (thanks to my friend Brittany from Whole Self Health Britt who decided to do a 21 day challenge so I copied her).

So here we go- DAY 1. We had a big brunch- I made eggs, sausage, shaved brussel sprouts and an avocado. For a snack I had some plantain chips with salsa and some strawberry rhubarb Noosa. Tonight I made this chicken I found somewhere online...I know this is vague but I randomly threw it together. I put in two frozen chicken breasts, some coconut milk, chicken stock, seasoning and an onion. Put it all in the crock pot and it has been cooking ever since. I have not tasted it yet but will share it if it is any good. As for tomorrow- I need to go to the store and restock. I plan on using my crock pot a lot this week so I can post some easy, fast recipes that anyone in a time crunch can cook.

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