Wednesday, April 10, 2013

21 Day Challenge- Bison Burgers

Last night we had some pretty delicious bison burgers. I took the night off of CrossFit because my shoulder has been really bothering me lately so I had time to cook. I grabbed two bison patties from Whole Foods and on each side I sprinkled some Lawry's Seasoning Salt with salt, pepper and garlic powder as well. I caramelized an onion in some coconut oil, cut up a tomato and avocado. Then I made sweet potato fries for the very first time! They were really easy. I got a large sweet potato and cut it into fries. I coated them with some coconut oil, sprinkled some seasoning salt and cooked them on 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. We also threw together some homemade honey mustard. I wish we would have measured but honestly we kept mixing some fresh local honey with mustard until it tasted good. I added about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to it and a dash of milk to thicken it. We plopped on a piece of provolone and devoured this dinner. It was one of our favorites and I will be making this again with some regular beef and turkey patties.
As for today I woke up and had a banana and a glass of milk (we drink whole milk from a local farm). For lunch we went to Panera and ate cobb salads with bacon, tomatoes, eggs and avocado. For dinner tonight I am thinking mini meat loafs again or maybe some turkey cabbage...haven't decided! Tomorrow I will try to use my crock pot again and I plan on making some more egg cups with a different twist this time. Happy eating! 

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