Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Day Am I On Again?

This "challenge" has turned into just everyday life with a few minor slip ups. That was the goal of the 60 day challenge- to end up just eating Paleo for good with some cheats every now and then (I would prefer less frequent then it has been thus far). In general these are the things I need to improve (yes this list might look familiar I always have trouble with these things):

1. Drink more water and less coffee
2. Limit dairy intake
3. Sleep a full 8 hours (go to bed earlier)
4. Decrease amount of eating out and increase cooking
5. RUN more (I have a good excuse for this one right now).

Last night I threw together a quick dinner. We had raw cheddar stuffed chicken, asparagus and Against the Grain garlic bread. It wasn't too shabby and easy to make.

Cheese Stuffed Chicken 

What you Need: 
-2 chicken breasts 
-some fresh rosemary 
-spices (s & p, red pepper flakes) 
-a little butter 
-olive oil 

It was easy I just cut slits about 1/3 of the way into the chicken, stuffed it with cheese and garlic + rosemary mixture that I heated up in a pan with a tiny bit of butter. Cook it at 350 for about 20 min and then make a veggie!

Here is my WOD from the other day. There is another friend at the box who had to have knee surgery so we worked out with each other and against each other which was really fun having some competition (even though he beat me by a second!). 
My bench was just the bar. I want to save myself for 13,4 which comes out tonight!!! I am hoping it is something I can attempt!

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