Friday, March 1, 2013

Days 3 & 4

    I am feeling great. No cravings. I feel energized. I feel confused because it's the beginning of day 5 and this is usually the worst week for me? But hey- I will take it!! So on Wednesday we got home from CrossFit and threw some burgers on the stove and had them with spinach and a fried egg. It was quick and easy. I topped the night off with some Noosa yoghurt AKA the BEST YOGURT EVER. I am kind of obsessed with how amazing this stuff is and I am so happy we added back dairy once a day!
I will be honest- we have sucked at the no technology after 9 PM. It has been more around 10. Maybe 10:30...I blame it on the fact that we have just started the show Scandal and have been watching a couple episodes after CrossFit. Speaking of CrossFit it is Friday and we have gone 3 times this week and plan on going tonight, Saturday and maybe even Sunday. We have been loving life with CrossFit back in full force. Speaking of CrossFit we have all been messing around after the WODs trying to get bar muscle ups and this is what happened to my arm.
Last night we had Taco Chicken again and it was DELICIOUS. Like always. I am so happy I was super lazy and threw a packet of taco seasoning on chicken because it has become a staple for us.

I got some shaved brussel sprouts with some salt, pepper and butter. I used a little olive oil and threw it on the stove and just added some parmesan at the very end to the top. We shared and avocado and inhaled this meal because it was really good if I say so myself.

Tonight we are going out for our CrossFit coach's birthday so I will probably not be making dinner. BUT my friend Brooke made an awesome dinner the other night and she posted it on her family's cooking blog (her 3 sisters, her and her mom are all amazing cooks). So please check it out!!

Avocado & Pineapple Salmon

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