Monday, March 11, 2013

Days 13-16

It is Day 16! Wow. Adding dairy to this challenge has made it feel like it isn't even a challenge. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good because my recipes have been opened up to a whole new world and bad because yesterday for a snack I ate cheese. This isn't okay. I have eaten way too much cheese lately for my own good and its time to start limiting the dairy intake. I knew it would be hard not to go overboard but not this hard!!!!

Back to those crock-pot fajitas from my last post. Those suckers were delicious! Only problem is they did start to look burnt about halfway through the cooking so against the advice of the recipe I added a can of diced tomatoes and a can of green chiles. I let all those juices soak in for a couple of hours then before I left for CrossFit I checked and the chicken was completely cooked so I drained all the liquid and switched it over to "warm". When we got home they were perfect and Matt really liked them!!

All together with the draining, adding of liquid, even serving the dish this dinner took me less than 15 minutes to make. After taking 5 min to cut the veggies the bulk of the work is done and this is why this recipe is one of my new favorite recipes of all time. The pictures do not do it justice. Oh ya and that picture on the top right corner is my dinner from Whole Foods I had the other day. Some sweet potatoes, veggies, chicken wings and bison ribs. And I ate pretty much the same thing on Friday at Whole Foods (two days in a row! I know its bad...). It has been forever since eating there and I forgot how easy and delicious it is. But due to the price this is an indulgence that will only happen every once in a while. Besides that this weekend we ate out a lot which we NEVER do. We went on a dinner date on Saturday and we realized this has been our first dinner date, just the two of us, that was not at the cheap (but delicious) Mexican restaurant down the street for 8 MONTHS! Since we moved here!! Granted we have been to the movies and dinner dates at Whole Foods or Jason's Deli, but a full out, get dressed, not in smelly work out clothes, at a nice restaurant dinner date-it has been WAY too long. Why? Because we're broke and we would rather spend our money on CrossFit or going to the movies. But this was worth it and we ate until we wanted to explode. Here is a picture of my blue cheese encrusted steak and my sweet potato with butter, sour cream, bacon bits and side of veggies.
I mean come on...that is one good looking steak and potato. YUUUUMMM. Oh the possibilities adding dairy back creates....and the pounds it adds. I have not been happy with the amount of "bad" food I have been eating lately. And yesterday I cheated and got a fancy drink when we met our friends for some BBQ. So there I admitted it. One cheat so far. And a ton of dairy. I am out of control!!!! Today is Monday and Monday's are always great for starting fresh and re-foucusing on the path ahead.

One positive thing I will say is that we have been going to CrossFit A TON and I have joined both indoor (Tuesday nights) and outdoor (Sundays) soccer teams. Last night was my first outdoor game and I have been unable to move this morning. A girl hit me from behind while I was running at full speed which caused me to fall pretty hard onto the ground. Now- this has happened me to hundreds of times in my life. It isn't something that I am not used to. It didn't even hurt that bad. But I keep forgetting that I am not 18 anymore and apparently when you get older things like this affect your body in different ways. For example: 5 years ago I would have got back up, taken a mental note of which girl pushed me, made a point to slip her an elbow or push her back sometime during the game and gone on with my life. But now- I laid on the field for far too long, had trouble getting back up, did not make any mental notes because I was too preoccupied with lower back pain and here I am the next morning blogging from my bed because the thought of getting up and walking to the living room makes my VERY sore VERY out of shape body cringe. I guess I am getting old.

The reason for joining two soccer leagues is very simple- I despise running. The thought of going out for a jog makes me want to puke. Why? No idea. As a former college soccer player running and I have been together for years. The relationship was always mutual- I run- it makes me better at soccer-being better at soccer makes me happy. Taking soccer out of the equation and running for no reason makes me realize how much I hate it. I run- I get skinny?-I am happier? Hmm..tried that equation and it did not work out well for me. I ran-I did lean out-but then I realized that the amount of unhappiness running caused outweighed the "I look skinnier" happiness. And ever since Paleo I have been working really hard on not basing my happiness on how I look but rather on how I feel. I feel really healthy. I feel healthy without running 5 miles a day. I prefer lifting weights. But wait- this complicated relationship has not finished. I am starting to realize in my CrossFit workouts that cardio is a huge weakness. So now the equation is I run-it makes me a better CrossFitter-being better at CrossFit makes me happy. But how will I make sure that the forcing myself to run part doesn't make me miserable? I throw shinguards on and run around trying to kick a ball. BOOM. I think this might be the formula for running and getting in better shape. Just run twice a week during soccer, when I am not noticing that I have tricked myself into running- and in the end get better at CrossFit. And hopefully better at soccer because holy crap am I rusty!!!

That was a huge explanation for basically saying I joined soccer to improve cardio. I have been really long winded today so here is a recap:
-Chicken fajitas-good
-Too much cheese-bad
-Getting old-sucks
-Soccer  & CrossFit-good

Happy Monday!

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