Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 17- Paleo Artichoke Pesto Pasta

I finally tried that recipe I posted forever ago from PaleOMG which is one of, if not my, favorite blogs. The girl Juli is hilarious and the food she makes is AMAZING.

So here is that recipe one more time: http://paleomg.com/artichoke-lemon-pesto-chicken-pasta/

This was really, really good. I think I would suggest having the spaghetti squash on the side because when I combined it the liquids from the squash watered down the pesto. But this pesto is absolutely delicious. I served this dinner with a side of broccoli and some Against The Grain bread that I made into garlic bread!

I was just talking with my friend Brooke about how I have been gaining some weight (only a couple of pounds). I think it is a variety of things- it could be a little extra muscle mass due to the amount of CrossFit I have been doing OR (and this is the most likely scenario) it is because I have been indulging waaaaay too much in cheese, wine and sugar. I also have not been eating enough...at all. I NEED to start waking up and having breakfast WITH my coffee instead of just coffee and I need to STOP skipping lunch. It makes me pig out during dinner and it confuses my poor body. So I am going to start with breakfast tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying some healthy eating! :)

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