Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 12

Today I have been b.o.r.e.d. And for a while there the water at my apartment was off which limited the activities I could do. I can't cook without running water because I am constantly washing ingredients and my hands. But it turned back on! (yay!) So I decided to try a recipe from Pinterest that seems really easy...almost too I had to give it a shot. But before I give you that link here is what we had last night:

Turkey Cabbage

It is Matt's fave and it was delicious. If I do say so myself it is one of my specialties and it is great to cook it without thinking- I could cook it in my sleep because I have made it so many times.

So here is that recipe that is currently bubbling in my crock pot right now. Crock pot Fajitas.

I have made a decision.. I thought about it all last night trying to figure out how to do it. I want to create a Paleo bar..or brownie..or some sort of grab-on-the-go Paleo treat that I can make and then sell to local CrossFit boxes. I have gone over ingredients and recipes in my head but I haven't thought of something I think is worth trying yet.

Here is what I want out of it:
-Thick (my paleo bars I make now are thin and fall apart easy)
-Flavorful (more than nuts & coconut)
-Easy-ish to make in bulk
-Can stay fresh for a few days/week

Any one have any ideas? Any idea or ingredient is much appreciated :)

Here is a picture of what I want it to look like a mix between these:

But how? How can I make these.......I will continue to ponder and update on those fajitas later on!

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