Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tomorrow is the Day!

Tomorrow we will officially begin our longest Paleo challenge we have ever attempted. 60 days, 1,440 hours and 86,400 minutes. I am so ready. Want to hear gross- today we had some thin crust pizza for lunch, some Pinkberry and ended the night with a cheeseburger with fries. We need to learn how to have ONE cheat every once in a while when we are off Paleo. This junk food is so addicting it's like we are drug addicts going on week binges after we fall off the Paleo wagon. I am hoping a 60 DAY challenge will help us become more integrated in the Paleo lifestyle and help us stay more committed once we are not in a challenge. I mean...what is a challenge? It is honestly just us eating healthy for a certain amount of time. Why can't Matt and I just do a "lifetime Paleo challenge"? What is it about adding the word "challenge" that makes us become successful? Honestly, it probably has a lot to do with our competitiveness. When we add the word "challenge" onto anything we automatically get psyched out and into our game modes. It's not like we get a prize at the end of this or its a competition with other people!! Honestly I think it has a lot to do with the commitment we make when we decide to do a challenge. It is a conscious decision, we make goals, we talk about it, we prepare for it and then we eat so much crappy food we get fat and feel so disgusting we get EXCITED about it. That is our pattern and hopefully one day we can stop doing 'challenges' and just eat healthy all the time. Baby steps. I have also been thinking about other parts of this challenge and we have discussed the parameters and here they are:

1. We will eat Paleo for 60 days straight with the exception of allowing dairy once daily (not including a splash of creamer in my coffee)
2. All electronic devices (phones, laptop, TV, etc.) will be off limits beginning at 9 PM (one hour before we usually fall asleep)
3. We will sleep at least 8 hours a night
4. We will attend CrossFit at least 5 times a week
5. We will begin to de-clutter our lives (throwing away things/organizing the apartment)
6. Matt wants to lose 25 lbs and I want to lose 12 lbs. (Tomorrow morning we will weigh-in and I will record it here)

Why the dairy? Because we have realized that after each challenge adding back dairy has been the easiest out of everything and it does not seem to bother either of our systems. Also, we love cheese and dairy really adds a lot of cool cooking possibilities back to the table.

Why the technology? I have been thinking a lot about simplifying our lives. I have also been noticing my habit of being on my phone at night when I can't sleep and have noticed I am starting to develop a touch of insomnia.

Read this article: Technology Wrecking Sleep. I have already downloaded and am currently using the f.lux application and let me tell you it is awesome. But honestly- the easiest way to fix this problem? Get off your phones and technology at night! I know it may sound silly but eating Paleo has caused me to ponder the life of a caveman. I am not an anthropologist but what I imagine is a life dictated by nature. Eating what is in season. Physically challenging activities on a daily basis. Waking when the sun rises and sleeping when it sets. Being social with others as entertainment. Really this lifestyle I imagine is quite opposite to how we live now. You can stay inside all day and never see the sunlight. You can drive thru somewhere to get food then eat it on your couch. You can interact with others through texting or social media with never speaking out loud or seeing someone face to face. The differences are endless. Sure- I prefer peeing in a toilet as opposed to behind a tree- but I also prefer speaking to someone face to face. And the next time I complain about driving to Trader Joe's to get food for Paleo- I will think about how easy that is compared to stalking and killing prey then carrying it miles back to cook it. The real question I have been attempting to answer is how do I integrate these two lives that are so different into a modern and healthy life I will enjoy living? I think I will always be learning new answers to this question and perfecting this lifestyle for a very long time.

Well if you read through my entire rant I hope you have thought about some of these questions and I wish you the best of luck in developing and living your healthiest life possible. It has been really fun meeting and getting to know my friend Brittany from who is also attempting to live her healthiest life and who follows the Paleo lifestyle as well. Things like eating healthy are always so much better when you find people who have similar goals. I can't tell you how many times we talk Paleo and swap recipes or tips. I just hope this blog helps others begin their healthy life journeys!

Here is a sneak peek of my grocery list for tomorrow! (Ignore my terrible handwriting!)
I am planning on making some orange-rosemary chicken tomorrow (thanks Britt!!!) with some cauli-mashed "potatoes", roasted veggies and this chicken gravy from nom-nom Paleo Nom Nom Gravy.

I will post how it goes tomorrow! Happy eating :)

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