Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time to Get Serious

It has been almost two weeks now since I have been eating anything and everything in sight. I am to the point now where I am not craving anything but Paleo. I feel gross. I am having trouble sleeping. I am sure I look gross. It has been fun but it is time to get my life back together. I have had all of my old favorite things. It's funny- after every Paleo challenge my old favorite things start to taste less and less delicious. Maybe after another 10 challenges I won't be able to eat any of it without gagging. But as for where I am now in my health journey I still enjoy sugar- and it is always the hardest thing to stay away from. I remember way back in the day when I did my first challenge all I wanted was BREAD. I would crave bread. Any type of bread. Especially bagels. But after this challenge- I am fine without bread. I had a burger the other day and I thought the bread kind of ruined it. But sugar... now that is another story. I crave it like crazy now. I was just reading my friend Brittany's last post and she is going through the same thing. And honestly, weaning myself off doesn't help me. It makes it harder because if I allow myself the tiniest bit (in form of a dessert, not fruit or natural sugar) then I am like a crazy sugar craving monster. So until Monday (when we are starting our 60 DAY challenge!!) I am going to eat sugar. Not tons, but when I want it I'm going to have it. Then when next week rolls around I will welcome the headaches, exhaustion and sugar detox with memories of all the wonderful things I ate this week. It is totally going to suck- but oh well!! I have been terrible at recipes lately because I haven't been making anything Paleo so I am going to leave you all with a recipe I found on one of my favorite Paleo blogs I follow- PaleoOMG. 

It looks delicious and I plan on making this soon ! 

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