Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feeding your Soul

The end of every Paleo challenge always brings on the same pattern. I let myself have just "one" treat non-paleo to celebrate. That one thing turns into two, then to three and then to fifty. Right now my tummy is full of pizza and coca cola. It is so bad but the bad foods still taste good every once and while. It is bizarre how quickly it takes to crave these things again after not craving them for a month. It is also surprising how one whole month of hard work is gone in a week of vacation. I am visiting my family this week and have been eating whatever I want. I am pretty sure I have gained back all the weight I lost, but I have had a really good time with my family. I think what we forget sometimes is the social aspect of food. Foods remind you of things, make you feel a certain way and connect you to others. I have spent time at my grandmothers house a lot this week and I always have a glass of ginger ale when I am there. Why? Because ever since I can remember I would get so excited to have a glass of ginger ale when it was time to go grandmas because she ALWAYS made sure to have it when we were there. Out of my 25 years of life there hasn't been one time I can remember going to my grandmas and not having a glass of ginger ale. It's funny how a simple soda drink like ginger ale can bring back years of memories. Green chili is also a big tradition at my grandmas house. My grandparents go to New Mexico to our families ranch and get boxes of the freshest, most delicious green chilies. They freeze them and when we all get together my grandmother cooks beans with bacon, green chilies and pork and fried potatoes. The only thing "Paleo" in this list are the actual green chilies- but there is no way of living that will keep me away from eating my 76 year old grandmothers delicious homemade cooking that has been a tradition in my family for my entire life. Same goes with a lot of foods in my family that are traditional. My dad makes the best cheese dip. It is made of velveeta- aka chemical hell cheese- but damn it tastes good. And you better believe I will be having some while I am here. Same with my mom's pasta. We are Italian on my mom's side and she wakes up at 7 AM to cook "the gravy". Last time she made it I was in the middle of a challenge and had it with spaghetti squash- but it wasn't the same. I think that what I am learning is that although I prefer Paleo to regular eating, that it is better for me in every way, that I want to eat like this for the rest of my life and that I want to raise my kids in the Paleo lifestyle... sometimes you have to feed your soul too. Most of the time feeding your soul is a good book, a walk down the beach, cuddling with your loved ones...and sometimes it is a glass of ginger ale and a piece of pizza with your family. Granted- my soul would be overweight and pre-diabetic if I fed it with pizza and ginger ale for every meal- but once in a while it won't kill me. I am doing my best to enjoy this week- to eat whatever it is that I want and to give myself a break. I am allowing this because I know that once I am home I will get back on track.

Also- the hubby and I have decided that.... (drumroll please)...we are attempting....a

60 Day Paleo Challenge!! 

We will be starting sometime next week. I am very excited but also nervous because we have never gone over 30 days before. So please- if anyone is interested, join us :) It's always great to challenge yourself to a new level. I think this time I will do a few CrossFit WOD's and compare not only how I look and feel but also how I am performing before and after the challenge. This is going to be fun!

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