Sunday, January 27, 2013

Days 15-21

Wow! It has been a week! Sorry I have been very busy. But I will quickly catch up with a few pictures.

Well there is a visual overview of the past week. And yes that burger on the bottom has a little cheese...oops. So far in three weeks I have had a little cheese, a couple french fries and about 5 corn tortilla chips. I am not perfect and I gave in a few times but I am happy to say I have never had an entire cheat meal nor have I had any wheat. But what have I had a lot of? CASHEW BUTTER. It is the best/worst discovery ever. CONS: It is expensive, it is very high in calories & fat PROS: It is freakin' delicious and I love it. We have been making a lot of smoothies and we have been throwing together a bunch of meals because we have been going to CrossFit! I am so happy and we have LOVED working out together again. The only problem is dinner has been moved back to 8 or even 9 after we get home so there has been more eating out than I would like. We have also found some easy ways to cook. One day I grabbed some shaved brussel sprouts from Trader Joes and cooked them with diced bacon in the grease then tore up some already baked chicken and it ended up being really good. I did the same thing with already cooked pulled pork, broccoli and we added a fried egg on top and that was amazing. Well so far with 9 more days to go Matt has lost 20 pounds! I am very proud of him and he has done a great job. I have lost A LOT less than that but have felt amazing. My energy level is up, I am fitting in my clothes better and I have been so happy getting back into CrossFit. Overall we are doing great and are excited to finish this challenge!!
3 easy steps to this brussel sprouts & chicken dish- dice & cook bacon, add shaved brussel sprouts with spices and some butter & finally add already cooked chicken.

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