Thursday, January 3, 2013


Day 1! I have finally started the 30 day challenge and today was a day full of preparation. For breakfast I had a banana and for lunch I had a Jimmy John sandwich (minus the cheese) without the bread. And for a snack I had a Nick's Stick- the awesome grass fed beef jerky my friend Brooke got me for my birthday.
Today I went to Whole Foods and to Trader Joe's to do ALLLL the grocery shopping. Now- the original trip to the store for the challenge is always the most expensive because you have to buy a lot of things you won't have to buy again (like almond flour, coconut oil, etc.) 

So here is the run down of what I got today. 

Whole Foods: 
-Coconut Water (lots) 
-Almond Butter 
-Almond Flour 
-Baby Food Sweet Potatoes 

Baby food? No. I am not pregnant. No I did not find a baby and keep it. I was actually doing some research on pre/post workout protein powders and read this article on Robb Wolfe's site. 

In this article someone posted that they will have baby food sweet potatoes after a workout to refuel. So hey- they were 99 cents a piece and I thought why not give it a try. Plus they were all organic with 2 ingredients sweet potatoes and water. 
The grand total for all this was: $33.87. Not so bad. Not awesome for the amount of food but I have done more damage at Whole Foods. 

Trader Joes: 
-Baby Spinach 
-Raw Almonds 
-Plantain Chips (x3) 
-Eggs (x2)
-Organic Ketchup (I will use the TJ's brand for challenges, it isn't too bad and we use it sparingly) 
-Trail Mix 
-Brussel Sprouts 
-Marinara (x2) 
-Lemons (2) 
-Apples (3) 
-Lean Ground Beef (2 lbs) 
-Chicken Breasts 
-Bacon (Nitrate-free) 
-Kerry Gold Butter (2) 
-Fresh Rosemary 
-Boiled Eggs 
-Tomato Paste 
-Omega-3 Fish Oil 

Grand Total: $108.57 

This is more expensive than usual. I am not sure if it is because California is cheaper since Trader Joes started there? No idea. But I will not need to get butter, fish oil, plantain chips, ketchup, salsa, lemon-pepper, eggs and almonds for quite a while. 

I also cleaned out my house of non-paleo stuff. Here is my new beautiful Paleo friendly kitchen. 

My menu for the next few days includes: 

Dinner- Paleo Meatloaf & Brussel Sprouts 

Breakfast- Paleo Bread (Will post recipe later) 
Lunch- Leftovers 
Dinner- Rosemary Chicken w/ Broccoli 

Breakfast- Eggs & Bacon 
Lunch- Leftovers 
Dinner- Lemon Pepper Talapia with Cauliflower Rice (will make up & post recipe) 

Happy Eating! 

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