Thursday, January 3, 2013


Day 1! I have finally started the 30 day challenge and today was a day full of preparation. For breakfast I had a banana and for lunch I had a Jimmy John sandwich (minus the cheese) without the bread. And for a snack I had a Nick's Stick- the awesome grass fed beef jerky my friend Brooke got me for my birthday.
Today I went to Whole Foods and to Trader Joe's to do ALLLL the grocery shopping. Now- the original trip to the store for the challenge is always the most expensive because you have to buy a lot of things you won't have to buy again (like almond flour, coconut oil, etc.) 

So here is the run down of what I got today. 

Whole Foods: 
-Coconut Water (lots) 
-Almond Butter 
-Almond Flour 
-Baby Food Sweet Potatoes 

Baby food? No. I am not pregnant. No I did not find a baby and keep it. I was actually doing some research on pre/post workout protein powders and read this article on Robb Wolfe's site. 

In this article someone posted that they will have baby food sweet potatoes after a workout to refuel. So hey- they were 99 cents a piece and I thought why not give it a try. Plus they were all organic with 2 ingredients sweet potatoes and water. 
The grand total for all this was: $33.87. Not so bad. Not awesome for the amount of food but I have done more damage at Whole Foods. 

Trader Joes: 
-Baby Spinach 
-Raw Almonds 
-Plantain Chips (x3) 
-Eggs (x2)
-Organic Ketchup (I will use the TJ's brand for challenges, it isn't too bad and we use it sparingly) 
-Trail Mix 
-Brussel Sprouts 
-Marinara (x2) 
-Lemons (2) 
-Apples (3) 
-Lean Ground Beef (2 lbs) 
-Chicken Breasts 
-Bacon (Nitrate-free) 
-Kerry Gold Butter (2) 
-Fresh Rosemary 
-Boiled Eggs 
-Tomato Paste 
-Omega-3 Fish Oil 

Grand Total: $108.57 

This is more expensive than usual. I am not sure if it is because California is cheaper since Trader Joes started there? No idea. But I will not need to get butter, fish oil, plantain chips, ketchup, salsa, lemon-pepper, eggs and almonds for quite a while. 

I also cleaned out my house of non-paleo stuff. Here is my new beautiful Paleo friendly kitchen. 

My menu for the next few days includes: 

Dinner- Paleo Meatloaf & Brussel Sprouts 

Breakfast- Paleo Bread (Will post recipe later) 
Lunch- Leftovers 
Dinner- Rosemary Chicken w/ Broccoli 

Breakfast- Eggs & Bacon 
Lunch- Leftovers 
Dinner- Lemon Pepper Talapia with Cauliflower Rice (will make up & post recipe) 

Happy Eating! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paleo Challenge Update

Well you know how life is. You make plans to start your Paleo challenge and you get excited to go to the store and do all the fun, healthy shopping...then you get food poisoning and want to die for an entire day. That was how we spent the first day of 2013. Me- as sick as a dog passing out in the bathroom and Matt taking care of the mess I was. That was yesterday. Needless to say we will be starting the challenge tomorrow. I have been sipping gatorade and nibbling saltine crackers and have JUST NOW been able to function in the slightest. To top it all off I woke up this morning after a 14 hour coma feeling a lot better but realizing I think I might have pink eye. But hey- things could be a lot worse! And I guess this is a way to detox before the challenge tomorrow? haha! So the challenge will be from Jan 3rd to Feb 2nd I believe and I will post some menus that I have in mind for the rest of this week and for next week. I will do that after the eye doctor and later tonight when I feel like my brain is in a state where it can function properly. I think I made it through 2012 with barely ever getting sick. Probably had a lot to do with all CrossFit and Paleo...and I think after yesterday and today (especially if I have pink eye) I will have met my quota for 2013.

Well now that I have shared far too much information about myself- here is a list of things you should have handy in your house for a Paleo Challenge.

These are the BASICS and do not include a list of things for certain recipes:

  1. Olive Oil 
  2. Coconut Oil 
  3. Coconut Flakes
  4. Maple Syrup/Honey 
  5. Almond Flour 
  6. Almond Meal 
  7. Coconut Flour 
  8. Eggs 
  9. Coconut Milk (just a can on hand in case needed for a recipe) 
  10. NUTS! (Almonds especially) 
  11. Arrowroot Flour (found at Whole Foods) 
  12. Fruit (apples or bananas that can be a quick snack) 
  13. Almond/ any Nut Butter 
  14. Kerry Gold Butter ** (This has a little dairy but is made from Grass Fed cows) 
I will make a more complete grocery shopping list later tonight! 

Other things to do in order to prepare: 
  1. Clean out the pantry and fridge (VERY IMPORTANT. Lose all the non-paleo stuff and if you don't feel comfortable throwing away food donate it or put it all in a box at the bottom of your pantry) 
  2. Make a grocery list 
  3. Shopping! 
  4. Make a menu plan for the first week 
  5. Make some Paleo bars or Paleo Breakfast Bread for quick snacks
  6. Take some before pics so we can see our progress 
  7. Order some back up Paleo food ** (In Pasadena I know I told you about Brian's Bowls which we used often...I am still looking fro somewhere to use here in Nashville) 

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