Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paleo & CrossFit

It has been a crazzzzy couple of weeks! I have A LOT to catch up on. I have been doing a bad job of cooking these past couple of weeks. It has been a stressful month to say the least- Matt got a job in Nashville and we are moving! I have been going through a lot of emotions- sad we are leaving, excited for a new adventure, stressed about packing the house and overwhelmed with all of it. So I have been training and packing these past two weeks and have been too exhausted to cook. We have still done pretty well sticking to Paleo. That is one of the many things I love about Pasadena- it isn't that tough to eat out and still be Paleo. We eat at Whole Foods a lot, we eat at Lemonade, Chipotle is an easy & quick choice and so is Zankou chicken (we get a whole chicken and some microwave veggies from Trader Joes). So here is a catch up on what we have been eating and doing!

"Easy Paleo Sandwiches"
Really easy recipe- grab either an Against the Grain baguette or an Against the Grain roll (in my Whole Foods they are in the frozen gluten free section). De-thaw in the microwave for 30 seconds. Put the oven on 350. Cut the bread in half and add the cheese and deli meat (good quality deli meat) on the bun/baguette and stick it in the oven until the cheese melts (if you have added dairy to your Paleo- if not just add the meat). Then grab all the toppers you want. I used avocado that is mashed into a spread- some mustard and some tomatoes and some organic mayo (or make your own Paleo mayo). I ate my sandwiches with some plantain chips (trader joe's) and some salsa. These were pretty delicious and hit the spot because I have been craving a sandwich lately.

Needless to say I have been training pretty intensely in order to get ready for NLI so here is some of the food I used to fuel my body.
- Protein from lean meats
-Protein shakes
 I also had a treat- I made some homemade strawberry jam by putting strawberries and a little maple syrup on the stove top and cooking until it became jam. I had Spaghetti Squash one night with marinara. I had eggs for breakfast with a little bit of fruit. I also had salads with extra veggies and chicken. The night before the competition I was craving an Almond Glory cupcake. So I ate one and it was delicious. The good thing- no gluten, no grain. The bad thing- sugar. For breakfast before the competition I had bacon and mashed sweet potatoes AKA the breakfast of champions.
Day of NLI we woke up at about 5:30. I showered to wake up, got ready and ate the bacon and sweet potatoes in the car. We got there around 7 and I checked in then explored the venue. We watched a couple of WODs and then I rested until I started warming up about 30 minutes before my first WOD. At 9 AM I found myself nervous and beginning my first WOD! It consisted of Wall Ball Shots and Handstand Push-ups (which I learned 2 days before the competition). I did pretty well- but got a lot of no-reps on HSPU which bummed me out. Then the rest of the day consisted of hanging out with my friends from the box who came to support me, drinking water and eating in between WODs.
 Some pictures of the WODs and the day! It was a lot of fun. Very intense and stressful- but fun none the less! Out of 40 people I placed 27 in two WODs and 30 in the other. Not so bad for my first time but I know I can do better next time!! 

After these workouts I was craving some non-Paleo cheat meals. And I had some! I had Nachos (non-Paleo things in these included: the corn chips, beans and cheese). Then later I had some chili cheese sweet potato fries with cole slaw. YUM. Only non-paleo thing- dairy. I stayed away from gluten because honestly I am scared to death of it! Every time I cheat and have gluten the aftermath of what it does to my body is scary. I don't like it. Am I saying I will never have another beer? Or piece of pizza? No. But what I am saying is it better be a damn good beer or piece of pizza to make it worth what I go through the next day. Back to this dairy problem I have been having- I have noticed when I eat more than a small amount of dairy my stomach does terrible things- not as bad as gluten- but still bad. So I have been trying to cut down more.

The day after NLI we went to a BBQ and WOD at our friend Eric's house. He is moving to NYC and we had a GREAT time at this BBQ. Fortunately, this BBQ was very Paleo-friendly and we had some delicious chicken, beef, homemade guacamole, homemade cole slaw and fresh vegetables that were grown in their garden.
Yesterday was our 2nd year anniversary. Matt and I had some lettuce wrapped sandwiched from lunch and headed to the Melting Pot after our evening WOD. I was VERY surprised with how easy it was to be Gluten-free at Melting Pot! They just had a gluten free awareness month last month and they had a lot of Paleo options. We got the cheese dip with veggies and apples. Then we had salads. Then we had steak, chicken, shrimp and sausage for dinner. We cheated with the amount of cheese we ate and with the dessert- chocolate with strawberries, bananas and I had some marshmellows. My stomach has been a mess today and I think it is due to the amount of cheese, the chocolate and the marshmellows. BUT overall the dinner was amazing. It was really fun and Matt and I had a wonderful time. I am the luckiest person to have such a wonderful husband. He really is the best! 
 Today- Tuesday- we went to Crossfit this morning and ate some Lemonade for lunch. I will do my best to blog more- but can't make any promises because I have to be packed up and outta this house in 3 days! Agghh! But eating Paleo is giving me the energy I need to get everything done. Paleo really does make a huge difference in everyday life- and I am very excited to continue this lifestyle.
Happy Paleo eating! 

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