Friday, May 4, 2012

Days 24 & 25

Day 24- Wednesday. Well today we woke up and had eggs for breakfast. Then we headed to CrossFit- here are my socks for the day! For lunch we were too tired to make anything and there were not enough leftover from last night so we headed to....wait try and guess....yes that's right to Lemonade! Haha! And I got some very delicious curry cauliflower with almonds, squash with a lime vinaigrette, and some chicken chili (bean free!).

Then I spent ALL DAY doing work. Matt was able to make CrossFit later that night, but I had too much work. Matt then came home and fixed us some dinner. He used some olive oil and sauteed garlic and onions. Then he added 2 lbs of grass fed ground beef and cooked it. After the beef cooked he added a can of diced tomatoes. He then sauteed some cabbage and threw a bag of cauliflower in the microwave. Matt served the beef on top of the cauliflower and it was a very tasty dinner!!  

Day 25- Thursday. I woke up late today and had a laughing giraffe snack for breakfast. Then for lunch I had some delicious leftovers with an apple and a coconut water.
Then I will admit- today was not a very good Paleo day :( we were traveling to Vegas. So right when I got home we jumped in the car and headed to Vegas. We forgot to pack snacks in the front seat by us- and we got very hungry. So we pulled over at In N Out and got 2 double double no cheese protein style burgers. Then when we got to Vegas my family was having a place called Zabas for dinner- so we ordered two burrito bowls- mine with chicken, Matt's with steak, with sweet potatoes, fajita veggies, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole and lettuce.

So today was less than ideal- but we had to make it work. For our weekend trip to Vegas we brought a cooler bag full of Brian's Bowls meals to keep us going strong for the weekend.

At this point in the challenge- my face has cleared up, my energy level is awesome, I feel like I have lost weight and gained muscle, my nails are growing really fast, my shoulder is healing quickly and I feel really, really good. Are all of these improvements due to Paleo? I guess we will never know for sure- but I DO know the way I feel is awesome and I personally think it is due to fueling my body with healthy foods. I could easily do another 30 days, 90 days, 1,000 days! This doesn't mean I don't miss some things. For some reason I have wanted a cupcake for about a week- but it does mean that the positive effects of this way of life have far outweighed my once-in-a-while cravings for cupcakes. Hope if anyone reads this it can inspire them to try their own challenge (however strict they feel fits their lifestyle) and to feel as great as I do! Also- I want to mention that our challenge that Matt and I are doing is not 100% strict- we have butter, fruit, and plantain chips. We eat out and are not FULLY aware of every ingredient used- but every Paleo challenge is different and the key is to fine something that is SUSTAINABLE for you so you can complete all 30 days.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Days 21, 22 & 23

Day 21- Sunday. Today we woke up and had a big brunch full of leftovers. It had some spaghetti squash, some chicken mixed with onions and who knows what else! We also had some blueberries and watermelon with it. Sunday night we headed to our friend's BBQ and pool party. We had some DELICIOUS food. We snacked on plantain chips with salsa & guacamole before dinner. For dinner we had some steaks and BBQ chicken. There was beer there- and no we did not have any. Or any of the gelato, or cookies, or reeses bites from Trader's Joes...BUT we did eat full Paleo :)

Day 22- Monday. Today we woke up and had scrambled eggs. Then we headed to the box for the noon class and this is what happened :(. Needless to say with tears on BOTH hands I was unable to cook lunch or dinner. So for lunch we headed to Zankou Chicken and got a chicken and a big salad to go. Since we have had so much extra energy lately because of Paleo we decided we would start 2 a days at the box a few times a week. Yes, I said yes 2 a days, and yes we are crazy.   (Sorry, bad angle for the chicken, but I was so hungry I didn't care). 
For dinner we rewarded ourselves after a tough 2 a day with some lettuce wrapped burgers and chilli, cole slaw sweet potato fries (you read that correctly) from a place called Dog Haus. We love the fact they have sweet potato fries as an option and no beans in their chili. 

Day 23- Tuesday. Today I woke up a little late and ate a banana on my way to work. For lunch I had leftover Zankou Chicken. I am ending my internship soon so the staff threw a going away party for myself and another intern. This party included an array of mouth watering desserts. Such as cookies, cake and brownies. I am proud to say I did not have one bite of any of these wonderful little desserts. I got home and we headed straight to the box. We came back exhausted. So I threw together something I shall call- Garlicky Chicken in Tomato Sauce. Due to lack of ingredients in my fridge- that is exactly what it sounds like! 

What you will need for this recipe: 
2 boneless, skinless, hormone free chicken breasts 
7 cloves of garlic 
splash of olive oil 
Can of tomato sauce 
Spices to your liking (I used basil, salt and crushed red pepper). 

This was VERY easy to make. Matt cut the chicken into small hunks and I sauteed it in a sauce pan with about 7 cloves of garlic (we loooove garlic) that were coarsely chopped. Once the chicken was cooked I drained some of the extra water and added about 3/4 of a can of tomato sauce. I then added a generous amount of crushed red pepper, basil and a little salt. On the side we had some brussel sprouts from Trader Joe's. I threw them in the Microwave for 3 min then added some butter before serving. This wasn't a half bad dinner for a how quickly we threw it together! It actually tasted pretty darn good. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 20

Saturday- Day 20! Today I woke up and had a banana. Hubby did too, he left the house early for some rehab for his back. Our friends picked me up and we headed to CrossFit for a fun Saturday morning team WOD. Here is a pic of my cool new CrossFit socks :) After the WOD a few of use headed to Lemonade (yes, I know we're obsessed) for some lunch. The Hubs got a bunch of different veggies and the tuna. I got some delicious chicken stew. For dinner I decided to make Paleo Pizza- and let me tell you it took forever, but it was worth it!!


For this recipe you will need: 
Almond flour 
baking soda 
baking powder 
Arrowroot flour 
pizza sauce
and toppings of your choice; I used: 
leftover BBQ chicken 

The "dough" is pretty tough to make and it took me a couple times to get it but this is what ended up working the best:
1 1/2 cups almond flour
1/2 tsp baking powder and baking soda
1/4 cup arrowroot flour

I added all the ingredients together in a bowl and mixed. The desired consistency is a little bit runny-I had to keep adding water until it felt 'right'. 

I used this much per TWO individual pizzas- and I ended up making 4 pizzas. The only reason I did it this way was because I wasn't sure what the right measurements would be, so after I found out the above one worked, I just made that again. I would suggest doubling that recipe if you want to make 4 individual pizzas at once.

***Optional: I also added some garlic powder to the dough for extra taste.

I then got a pan and coated it with coconut oil (about 1/2-1 tablespoon). I poured half the mixture into the pan. I swirled the pan in circles in order to make the dough form a circle. I took the pan off the medium heat while adding the dough and added it back once I had a circle I liked. After making one circle I set it aside on a baking pan.

After making the doughs I placed them aside on a baking pan. I sauteed the pancetta with about 4 cloves of garlic (chopped up) and let it cook until the pancetta was crispy. I then added sauce to all 4 pizzas and added the pancetta, then the onions, the chicken, then basil, then pepperoni, then mushrooms and olives for the hubby's pizzas (I don't like mushrooms and olives).  I used Applegate Pepperoni- it was the closet I could find to Paleo.

 To finish up I threw the pizzas in the oven at about 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes- then served and enjoyed!! 

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