Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 19

 Friday- Today I woke up and had some eggs for breakfast. Then Matt and I ran to Trader Joes and Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping. While at Whole Foods I grabbed a juice from the juice bar with apples, spinach, carrots and ginger. I went to CrossFit, did a killer WOD (Khalipa vs. Spealler), then quickly put down some leftover Spaghetti Squash Heaven. After devouring the squash I headed to the dog park with our puppy Chipper and he had a great time! 
Here is our fridge full of Paleo food after shopping. We spent around $45 bucks at Trader's for A LOT of food, and $47 at Whole Foods for the chicken, Laughing Giraffe snacks, sweet potatoes and some pepperoni. For dinner we had BBQ chicken with caramelized onions, Kale Chips and baked sweet potatoes for dinner. Matt and Chipper manned the grill and I sauteed the onions, threw the sweet potatoes in some aluminum foil then in the oven and mixed the kale chips with some olive oil and salt and pepper. 

The final product!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Nom Nom Paleo App

I was just on one of my favorite Paleo sites and Nom Nom Paleo is launching an I-Pad app that looks awesome!

Can't wait to get it! Nom Nom App

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 18 continued

After a tough WOD I NEEDED more food so Matt got me some "junk food" some garlic sweet potato fries with aioli :)

Days 16, 17 & 18

Well so far we have had a fun week! Let's start with Tuesday.

Day 16- Tuesday. Today we had eggs again for breakfast (shocker, I know). For lunch I had leftover Lemonade- the chicken salad, the carrots and the kale. After work I rushed home and Matt and I headed to the Dodgers vs Braves game, and let me tell you- A hot dog without a bun-sucks! This was a tough night. We both really wanted a big hot dog, some beer and some cracker jacks. But instead we stuck to Paleo and had some bun-less hotdogs, some plantain chips and some Cuties. But the Braves won! So the night ended great! 

Day 17-Wednesday. Well today I woke up and had some more eggs. Then I ran to the CrossFit gym, did a 40 min WOD and then we went straight to the grocery
store. I chugged some coconut water because I was starving. Matt and I ended up grabbing TONS of ingredients and made up a recipe! So around
4 pm we ate a huge, delicious dinner. I will call this recipe...

 "Spaghetti Squash Heaven". 

For this recipe you will need: 
-3 hot italian chicken sausages 
-1 onion 
-1 bag of spinach 
-1 can of quartered artichokes 
-1 small can halved olives
-1 jar of sundried tomatoes 
-1 jar of Arrabiatta Tomato Sauce (we used one with less than 5 ingredients that is Paleo) 
-1 pack of cherry tomatoes 
-1 pack of mushrooms 
-5 cloves of garlic 
-2 spaghetti squashes 
-A few sprigs of fresh parsley 
-Garlic salt 

So for this recipe I began by cutting the squash- adding some olive oil and sticking them in oven at 400 degrees. Then I started cooking the sausage- I just filled the pan up with a little bit of water. While the sausage was cooking I chopped the garlic, onions and mushrooms.


 After the sausage cooked I cut up the sausage and then added the onion and garlic to the leftover oil from the sausages.  I let the onions soften a bit and then I added the spinach. Then I added the mushrooms, the artichoke, the mushrooms and the olives. After that Matt took out the squash (after about 30 min) let it cool and made it into spaghetti. Then I added about 1/4 of the sauce into the mixture, along with all my spices and let it simmer while the squash was cooling down.  We ended up accidentally making A TON! I think this could feed a family of 7! But instead it will be feeding us for a few days! 

The final product! I just poured the veggie/sausage mixture on top of the squash and we LOVED this! Later that night I made some more parsley garlic dip and had it with some plantain chips :) 

Day 18- Thursday. For breakfast I had a banana and for lunch I had leftover Spaghetti Squash Heaven. Came home, had some more parsley dip & plantain chips- then heated up some Brian's Bowls Gumbo for dinner- which was delicious!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Days 13, 14 & 15!!

Day 13- Saturday. Matt and I woke up in the morning and we made some eggs and bacon. After we ate breakfast Matt forced me to do this crazy workout he had found. My parents have an awesome pool so Matt found a workout where you go to the deep end where your feet cannot touch and literally get in and out of the pool 100 times. Yup, 100 times. It does not seem that difficult- but let me tell you it was awful. My brothers and Dad joined in and did the workout after we did- which was really fun. When you get out of the pool you had to stand up fully erect before you went back in. After this workout we laid out by the pool and swam allll day. It was really fun. I had a few cuties as snacks and a protein style burger from In-n-Out for lunch. Then we cooked for a big BBQ we had that night. I made some of this Parsley dip my auntie Anita shared with me- this stuff seems like it wouldn't taste good- but it is ADDICTIVE!

Here is what you need; 
2 bunches of parsley 
about 10-12 garlic cloves
olive oil 
salt & pepper 

This is really easy to make. You chop up the parsley and garlic in a bowl. Then add 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil and vinegar, then salt and pepper to taste. At first I would add 1-2 tablespoons of the oil and vinegar then taste it and add more if needed. It should not be runny but the parsley needs to be coated.

We also made some delicious Kale chips. Very easy,

Here is what you need: 
a bag of kale 
olive oil
salt and pepper 

You get a big bowl and pour in the kale then coat it with olive oil. Then grab a cookie sheet and spread the kale over the sheet then add some salt and pepper. My dad put this sheet on the grill for about 12-15 min, and these chips came out AMAZING. I am going to try this recipe at home but use my oven on broil.
We also had some plantain chips, salsa, guacamole, spicy Paleo chicken wings and a squash, zucchini and green chile veggie mix. This BBQ was awesome.

Day 14- I was lazy for breakfast so I had a cutie and an orange (not the best, I know). Today we swam again all day! It was really fun. For lunch we had Kale chips, grapes, watermelon and more spicy chicken wings. For dinner we went to Outback Steakhouse- and it was VERY difficult not to eat the bloomin' onion, the bread or anything!! But I did have a salad with a mustard vinegarette, a steak and some sweet potato fries.
 Day 15- Monday. Today we left Vegas :( it was really awesome being with my family. My parents really made an effort to make it easy for us to eat Paleo this weekend and it was really great of them to do that. We really appreciated their support- they are the best!!! For breakfast I had a cutie and some coconut water. For lunch I had eggs and for dinner Matt and I went to Lemonade. I know I am obsessed- but I really wanted Matt to try it! Then I had some pomegranate seeds for dessert- yum!

Days 11 & 12

Day 11- Thursday. Today Matt headed to Vegas for a Drs appointment (he has a herniated disc in his back) so I was solo today! For breakfast I had a laughing giraffe snack (go figure) and for lunch I had leftover Turkey Cabbage.  I also snacked on some nuts and coconut water. When I got home I was still hungry so I had more Turkey Cabbage! Then I headed to CrossFit, worked out- and felt really dizzy. (I did not eat enough today) so my friend May gave me some almonds and I had another coconut water. Then some friends and I went to Lemonade again! I just love this place. I got some sweet potatoes, some chicken stew, tomato soup (no dairy), and some heirloom tomatoes with avocados. My eyes were much bigger than my stomach and I did not finish all of this.

Day 12- Friday. I woke up super early to head to Vegas. I had a few nibbles of the leftover sweet potatoes but they were gross the day after. So I had my last laughing giraffe snack from the bag (Yes, two bags lasted us this long!) and some nuts (boring, I know). My cousin drove us to Vegas and when we got there we were starving so for Brunch we made some scrambles eggs and bacon. Around 2pm Matt and I went to Zabas with my little brother. I got a burrito bowl- with chicken, tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce and salsa. For dinner my family had green curry chicken with rice. The green curry mix had too many things we couldn't eat- but luckily my mom had this other summer curry sauce we used instead! With the chicken I made baked cauliflower with garlic- another recipe from my friend Natalie.

You need a cookie sheet, chopped up garlic, olive oil and some cauliflower. You just throw them on the cookie sheet and baked it for about 15 minutes on 375 degrees.

For the chicken my mom cubed 3 chicken breasts threw it in a pan-cooked them though,  then I poured in the sauce and stirred! This dinner was delicious!

After dinner I snacked on a cutie and some pistachios! Then we went to bed. 
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