Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Order from Brian's Bowls

Just a quick update! I made an order for the Paleo food from Brian's Bowls. And this is what I chose... 


Cauliflower Rice



I am excited to try these out and will report back next week once we have eaten one of the meals. 

5 Days Away!

5 days until we start the 30 day challenge!!! I am excited. These past couple of weeks we have been eating like crap... We have been busy and stressed and fallen into old eating habits. We have had pizza this week, burritos and cheeseburgers and I feel like crap! It really has been showing on my body as well- I can tell I have gained at least 5 pounds. The weight honestly does not bother me as much as my energy level and overall feeling of BLAH. This weekend I have A LOT of things on my list to prepare for our challenge which includes:

  1. Cleaning out the pantry and fridge 
  2. Making a grocery list 
  3. Shopping! 
  4. Making a menu plan for the first week 
  5. Making some Paleo bars for quick snacks 
  6. Making some Paleo condiments (ketchup & mayo) 
  7. Some before pics so we can see our progress 
  8. Order some back up Paleo food 
I will post some pictures this weekend of Paleo bars along with the recipe- they are a creation of my own and I have never actually wrote out a recipe so hopefully this batch will be as good as the last! I will use my Paleo cookbook for the recipe for the ketchup and mayo. I am getting really excited. Honestly, I am sick of eating the junk food and I am ready to get it out of my system! I would start the challenge today- but I think keeping our start date and really having a lot of control and planning around this challenge will be what makes it successful. We have never completed more than 8-10 days of eating pure Paleo so this will truly be a challenge. On top of Paleo I will be increasing the number of times I go to CrossFit per week from 3 to around 5 or 6 days.

 (at the best CrossFit ever...

I also want to increase my cardio work. Unfortunately, Matt has a pretty serious back injury :( so he will be unable to work out with me- but I know just eating healthy will make him feel a lot better. ALSO- I am thinking about ordering some food from an awesome Paleo service in our area in order to have some food on hand in case of an emergency. 

Here is the website:

Well- tonight I will start by looking through Brian's Bowls and possibly placing an order. If I do I will fill everyone in with what I ordered. By "everyone" I mean the two people that read the blog, my husband (because I force him) and Natalie. Haha! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Essentials For The Challenge

Here are some essentials that I will need for our challenge. These are the two cook books that are my favorites and that I use regularly:

These are the blogs that I have been following and that have some really awesome recipes: 

30 Day Paleo Challenge

Hello! Welcome to our 30 day Paleo blog! My husband Matt and I have been eating Paleo on and off for almost a year now and we really love it. You may be wondering what Paleo is- so before I get carried away refer to the link below in order to understand what Paleo is..

So why has it been a year of Paleo and we are just now trying a 30 day Challenge and why even try a 30 day challenge? Well to begin with- it is very hard to complete a full 30 day challenge and we haven't made the commitment. Up until this point we have been eating Paleo for a week then having cheat weekends, or eating 80% Paleo and then cheating OR just stopping all together and eating like crap. Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks we have fallen into the "stopping all together and eating like crap" category. Why? Well- we have had friends visiting, we have been traveling and we haven't had the time. I could come up with 5 more excuses but that's just what the problem has been- we have been LAZY and making excuses. SO- on April 9th we have decided to get our lives together and get back on the Paleo wagon. No more excuses and no more laziness. Why the sudden change of heart? Well the biggest reason is we feel like terrible compared to when we eat Paleo! We have both gained weight, my face has broken out, and we have felt gross. Also because our best friends Natalie and Matthew have just completed their 30 day challenge and we can see how great they look and feel which is inspiration for us to get our butts in gear! So why a 30 day challenge? Well first of all because it is a challenge! And we love a challenge. Also- because we have only felt the effects of a week or so full Paleo diet and honestly it feels awesome- so how awesome would a full month feel? We're ready to find out.  SO the countdown has begun in ONE WEEK we are going to begin- but the preparation starts now. 

Oh and by the way Matt is doing the challenge with me but I do not think he will be participating in the blog haha! I will write more tomorrow and begin the preparation. 

Aubs & Matt

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