Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Nov 12th

It has been way too long!! I have been a busy bee with work and learning to adjust to the hubby and I both having jobs. I have been eating terrible. I am starting to notice a pattern in my eating. Stressed=eating like crap. Not a healthy pattern!! So today is Monday. I can't take away the last week of crappy eating but I can start this week differently. I can see it on my body and in my energy level that I have been eating poorly and honestly I can barely enjoy eating yummy but terrible foods anymore because I can't stop thinking about how bad they are for me. 

So I was laying in bed this morning (I don't start work till this afternoon) and I was on Pintrest and I found this recipe: 

I was VERY skeptical to try this recipe because it seemed too easy. But I happened to have exactly 2 eggs left and a couple bananas that were very ripe. So I gave it a shot. This website calls this creation pancakes....I honestly struggle with calling these pancakes because they taste and look more like a crepe. But I don't know if they are a crepe. So I will call them Breakfast Banana Circles. Haha!! What do you need for these BBC's? 

You will need: 
1 ripe banana 
2 eggs 
a little honey 

Yup. 3 things. And technically you don't need honey- I just added some because I love honey. 
You mix these ingredients in a bowl and then cook them on the stovetop with some coconut oil or on a non-stick pan. 

Here they are! 
Breakfast Banana Circles 
Now before we judge a book by its cover (I know they don't look the best) these little guys tasted DELICIOUS. I was nervous they would taste like an egg with a banana but they didn't- they just tasted like a delicious Breakfast Banana Circle. 

Give em' a try and you will not be disappointed! (Unless you hate bananas- then you will be disappointed and will not like these). 

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  1. I did this with 1 egg instead of 2 and they came out much more like pancakes in consistency. The honey was a great touch. Thanks for posting!


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