Monday, September 24, 2012

Days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27!

Wow! It has been a busy week!! I am so sorry I have been so behind but I am so excited to catch up. My life has gone from boring to extremely busy and fun! I am employed and love my job and the people I am working with. I have been doing okay with these past few days- I will admit I have slipped a few times :( (I had some covered almonds with soy lechtin and I had a taste of pimento cheese). BUT instead of falling completely off the wagon I have tightly clung on for dear life. This challenge has been VERY different from my last 30 day challenge. Number one is Matt isn't doing it with me so it has made it a little tougher. Next- I have drank more this time (It's bad- I know. Not like I drink every day but I have had some wine and a few margaritas). Also- I have not been balancing out my meals with enough veggies- I have noticed a craving for meat/eggs- I think I have not had enough iron? Not sure- but the cravings were not this bad the last time. I have not lost the same amount of weight that I did last time. My sleep schedule has also sucked until this past week or so and I have noticed TONS of changes since I got back on a sleep schedule. I have WAY more energy. Anyways, enough about me let's talk about some FOOD!
Here is a pic of some of the meals I have had:
Last night we attempted to make some Paleo Fried Okra- it did not turn out as well as I would have wanted :( BUT the Okra did taste good so it wasn't a complete failure! I got the recipe from my Paleo  Comfort cookbook.

Here is a link to the book:

Then I made some Paleo Chili- this time with beef and pork instead of Turkey like last time!
Here a QUICK recipe and guide to make it:

What you need: 

-Grab some ground beef (1lb)
-Some Italian Sausage (1lb)
-Some celery
-An Onion
-Can of Diced Tomatos
-16 ounces of chicken stock
-1 can of tomato paste

All you gotta do- cook the veggies for about 5 min, add the beef and pork and brown it.
Next- pour in the diced tomatoes and the stock- then let it simmer for 35 minutes!!!

It was delicious. Oh and later today I am making some cookies that my friend Brooke gave me the recipe to- they are to die for. I will post pics and a recipe lattter!!!

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