Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting my Life Together!! time for some honesty. Why have I not been blogging? Well the answer is because I have done a TERRIBLE job of eating paleo. Guys- it has been so hard to get back on track and I have FINALLY figured out why. Well- last night after I downed some chips and cheese dip I decided to figure out what the hell has been going on with me. Why can't I seem to get back on track? Why can't I just eat Paleo? I have the recipes. I have MORE than enough time. I have the know how..I have done it before!! Like what the heck?? I have been using "the stress of the move" excuse LONG enough. It is time to get off my ass and get healthy again. The reason I have been doing so poorly is so simple I can't believe I did not see it earlier. I have been "deciding" to do 30 day challenges like the night before, eating Paleo for two days, and failing. Over and over. It just  happened last night. I have not TRULY taken the time and decided. I have not set concrete goals. I have not blogged about it- and I think it is because deep down I knew I would fail and didn't want to write about it. But you know what something amazing has been happening. Friends and family members have been following my example. I have had lots of people text me and say, "Hey I am doing that Paleo thing, can I have any advice?" And it is the absolute best feeling. BUT guess what? I feel like such a hypocrite writing people about all the wonders of Paleo and saying, "Oh and no wheat, or grain, or dairy" as I stuff my face with a cheeseburger and drink a soda. Like really? How twisted is that. Lol. So I am talking to my hubby when he arrives home from work and I am shooting for our 30 Day to start on August 27th. That gives me 5 days or so to start getting ready. To write my thoughts about what's been up with me and to make some HEALTH goals. I think GOALS will be the most important aspect of this challenge. I will talk more about that later- but right now I have to run. But thank you for anyone who follows. And if anyone ever wants to start a challenge feel free to contact me. Just know- I am human. I am not perfect. I am not the best Paleo eater ever, and never will be. But I am honest and I will struggle right there with you!!


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  1. Keep trying Aubs, you can get back on track.


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