Sunday, July 22, 2012

It has been too long!

Wow. I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. I have a good excuse- I moved and then went to Hawaii with my family for 12 days of bliss. It was a really fun trip! Matt and I decided before we would do our best to eat Paleo options but we would also allow ourselves to indulge. We had great intentions that last the first few days and then all hell broke lose and we ate everything and anything in sight. And it was delicious. And my stomach was a mess. And I gained weight. And it was delicious..oh wait I said that already. Surprisingly, some of my favorite meals ended up being Paleo by chance. In Maui that make some awesome Macadamia nut encrusted Mahi-Mahi. One night I had Macadamia encrusted Mahi Mahi with veggies and a side of purple sweet potatoes that are to die for. I actually had those a lot. My family also loves Local Boy shave ice. If you have never had Local Boy Shave ice you have to try it. It's the best. But it is literally ice and sugar. Which is very bad. But oh so good. Anyways, the moral of the story is we tried, and we failed to eat Paleo the trip. But the food was really awesome. Here are the things I noticed from eating all the things I haven't had:
1. Stomach killed me the first day or so
2. After a few days stomach finally felt better and accepted the non-Paleo food
3. My sleep was much worse
4. I was very bloated
5. My face broke out some
6. My body seemed to re adjust after a week or so, but I still felt just "blah" minus stomach cramps

 Overall, it was a beating on my body but sometimes you gotta just live. I will say that it has been very hard to get back eating clean. I don't know why it's so tough this time, but I am struggling. I know after 2 weeks my cravings will go away. I just can't seem to get to that point without giving in. But I am going to do my best.

I mentioned earlier that Matt and I are relocating to Nashville. He starts his new job this Monday and is already there- and I am in Vegas with my family and all of our stuff waiting until we get our apartment in Nashville in a couple of weeks. I honestly think being away from my Paleo partner has been the hardest part of trying to get back on the wagon. He is the one that is really strict. He is the one that supports me and helps me when I am craving crazy sugar. He is my rock. And plus I miss him so much that I have been bummed out lately. And bummed out Aubrey eats comfort food to make herself feel better. Is it an unhealthy way of coping? Yes. Am I working on it? Yes. But did I eat a slice of Tres Leches cake last night after 4 days of being clean paleo? Yes. So that is where I am right now.

Here is some food porn of some of the things we ate during our trip. And some pictures of us having fun! It includes: chicken nachos, desserts, lobster, steak, fish, mashed sweet potatoes, Moco Loco (rice with steak and gravy with a fried egg on top), pizza, macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup, a banana dog (a hot dog bun with a banana inside with PB & J), smoothies and local boy to name a few.
 So post vacation life has so far been tough. We are all off schedule and stay up way too late and sleep in past 11. Tomorrow is Monday and I have decided that I am getting back on track. I am eating Paleo as much as I can and I start a CrossFit bootcamp class I got off of LivingSocial.

The best part? My sister Ashley is eating Paleo with me! And she is doing awesome. She has a lot of self control and I think this will be very easy for her. I am so excited a family member is giving it a shot- and so far she likes it! Here is some of the stuff we have been eating this week:
I am going to try and do my best to keep updating! I might not have tons of recipes until I actually get settled in our apartment and learn the way to Trader Joes and Whole Foods in Nashville, but I think I will be adding cool recipes I see from the blogs I follow! 

Hope everyone is having a good summer and I hope if you haven't tried it yet- you will decide to try your own 30 day challenge. 

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