Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Great friends, good food & leaving California

We are officially moved from Pasadena. My family came out last week and helped us pack all of our stuff and we headed to Vegas to stay with them until the end of July. The Vick's are moving to...Nashville, TN. Yes, Nashville. Matt got a job he really wanted and we will be there at the end of July! We are very excited, but also very sad to leave CrossFit Crown City and all of the wonderful friends we made. It is hard to put in words how much the box meant to us. We made friendships that will last a lifetime. I think if you haven't been a part of a CrossFit box it might sound weird or be hard to understand. But Matt and I chose to spend A LOT of our time there and outside of the box with other members. It was truly like a family, and I will say CrossFit Crown City is one of the best boxes out there in terms of coaches, space, and members. Thursday was our last WOD before we left and I decided to do the WOD that I did the first time I ever went to Crown City. It was very hard on me leaving this place- but I know we will always have somewhere to WOD whenever we are in town. Here is a picture from my first WOD at Crown City.
If anyone from the box is reading this-thank you for all the great WODs and memories. We miss you guys already! 

In order to celebrate our last night in Cali we all went to Korean BBQ and then out in downtown LA. And we did what most drunk CrossFitters do while out- took handstand pictures, ate a TON of food and wrote out WODs on bar napkins. 
 Our wonderful friends made us the most thoughtful gifts we have ever received. Our very own WOD book- full of WODs made by members of the box and filled with pictures of our time together. Let me just say I still have trouble looking through it without tearing up. And also a ViewMaster full of pictures of our favorite places in Pasadena (including Lemonade, haha!).

This past week has been tough eating Paleo due to the move. There was no food in our fridge and on Saturday I ate non-paleo. A lot of non-paleo. I'm talking cheeseburgers, fries and burritos. I felt GROSS. And I have also had a lot of frozen yogurt lately. I may be addicted. Or it may be my way of unhealthy coping with all the changes- either way it's giving me a fat butt and I can't stop. But I will. I can. I just need to! It has been a while since I added a recipe- so a couple nights ago I followed my Dad around while he made his famous dry rub ribs.

Dad Thomson Famous Dry Rub Ribs 

What you need: 
-3 Rib Racks 
-Dry Rub Recipe 

My Dad is awesome at the BBQ. And he takes his secret dry rub recipe very seriously. It has taken him years to perfect it- and he has allowed me to post it (gasp!). But he won't let me put the exact chiles he uses- so here is the best I can do. (NOTE: For Paleo- try to find an alternative sugar source if you are strict Paleo).
The New Mexico- is a mix of New Mexican Chile powders. 

First- Make your dry rub and put it in a small plastic baggie. 
Next- Take out your ribs, take them out of the package and lay them in a large pan. 
 Then rub those ribs with the mixture!!! Get it ALL OVER the ribs- both sides. 
 Rub, Rub, Rub. 
 Set the ribs aside and let them get to room temperature while you prepare the BBQ. My dad placed a large pan under the rack on the grill that was filled with water. The he used metal tape to tape the sides and openings of the grill in order to smoke the ribs. He left an opening at the top to place the wire of his thermometer in so he could watch the temperature. 
 Wait until the temperature is between 190-220 degrees. Then place the ribs over the water pan. About halfway through the cooking (2-3 hours) my dad got some aluminum foil and wrapped up some wood chips- then placed the packet in the grill to give the ribs that smokey flavor. 
 These ribs cooked ALL DAY- 6 or 7 hours. Keep the temperature between 190 and 220- depending on how long you wanna cook them. We kept it at about 200 for 7 hours. Don't forget to turn the ribs in the middle of the cooking. 
When they are complete take those suckers out and cut them up. These were DELICIOUS. Some of the best, if not the best, ribs I have had. I forgot to take a picture but my mom made some delicious Broccoli Slaw to go with and more steamed veggies. My family had regular rice and rolls with them- but I would try a baked sweet potato or some cauliflower rice as sides along with the slaw.  

Yesterday I drove to St. George to visit my friend Brooke and meet her brand new baby girl Marlee. It was so much fun. Marlee is precious and my friend Brooke looks beautiful as a new mommy. It was a really great day. 

Not to mention my friend Brooke (who is super supportive of me doing Paleo) showed me these AWESOME Grass-fed jerky sticks she eats. I am so excited to order some of these online. They were the bomb. I don't know who Nick is but if I met him I would give him a hug. That's how good they are.

Go to: http://nicks-sticks.com/

To read more and to order some of these suckers.

So what is next? Tomorrow is the 4th of July and my family is throwing a party. Then the next day we are all heading out to Hawaii for 12 days of heaven. I will be posting all the wonderful food we will be eating and I will try my best to be Paleo. I think Hawaii will be a lot easier than San Fran- we can eat delicious fish, fruits and vegetables. I am really excited! Then after that Matt and I are off to Nashville for our next adventure. I told him I MUST live within 10 miles of a Trader Joe's and a Whole Foods. We will see how Paleo life is in a different state- I have feeling we were spoiled in California.

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