Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mexican Pork Roast

So the plan was- get this awesome pork shoulder, follow a recipe BUT instead of cooking it on low for 6-8 hours- cook it on high for 3 hours. FAIL. We are home and ready to eat and my pork roast is very tough and not close to falling apart carnitas style :( So the new plan- Matt is going to to get take out Zankou chicken- I have put the crock pot on low and will let it cook for a few more hours, throw the whole thing in the fridge and have an awesome lunch/dinner tomorrow. But here are some pics of the beginning steps which I will go into more detail tomorrow- IF plan B works.

Sorry if you guys were expecting a recipe tonight but I am new at this whole trying to cook nice things gig and it might take me some time!

Looks delicious, huh? Guess we will have to smell that cooking while we eat take out... please keep your fingers crossed that leaving this in the crock longer will work & I didn't completely ruin this dish!

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