Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cheese & Wine

The other day at the box I was watching Matt finish up a WOD. And I noticed he has developed a pretty nice 6 pack (yay!) I felt very proud of him and on our way home I was sure to tell him how happy I am that all of his hard work is paying off and how AWESOME he looks. Then later that day I was getting dressed and noticed my tummy and the lack of six pack. Okay let's be honest- the lack of any type of pack or muscle definition. And of course I got mad and thought to myself, "What the (insert choice of curse word here)- I eat the same thing, I work out the same way- why don't I have one!" After the initial anger and pity party I had for myself I started thinking realistically...we don't really eat the same. Or do the exact same workout... Matt always stays after and does ab work on the paralletes or on the GHD while I chat with my friends. Matt also doesn't pop open a bottle of wine and have a glass a night (okay, maybe a glass while cooking and then a glass with dinner). I also have had one more indulgence lately- cheese. I love cheese. Blue cheese, Havarti, Brie...ANY type of cheese. And recently Matt got me a couple of my favorites so I could have a little cheese tray one night as a treat. Well you can't buy nice cheeses in mini sizes so I have been picking off the extra hunks for DAYS.
My "tiny" cheese tray 

As you can see this one treat turned into 3 treats because I keep making more cheese plates with all the extras. I just had a mini one this afternoon. I must be stopped! So I am beginning "Operation Tight Abs" today. 

This means 3 things for me: 
1. No more cheese trays or excess cheese- only small amounts of cheese 1 or 2 times a week 
2. No more wine on the weekdays- and only one night on the weekend 
3. SUGAR CUT DOWN in general 

This new regiment will go into full effect starting now. I have been doing the intermittent fasting with Matt- and I actually really like it. I am usually not super hungry in the mornings anyway so waiting until 1 or 2 in the afternoon for the first meal is pretty easy. I have noticed a decrease in my appetite. Also- if you know me you know I can be a little dramatic sometimes, and I used to get real dramatic when I was hungry. I would say things like, "OH myy gaawwdddd I am going to DIE if I don't eat something like rigghhhtt noooowww!!" or "PLeasseee feed me I am so hungryy!!! It is killing me!!" But now that I have been trying this new intermittent fasting thing my cravings for food are far less severe which in turn makes me far less dramatic and obnoxious when I am hungry. And that is good for everyone :) But back to Paleo for this week.  
Monday Night Dinner- Turkey Cabbage (click for recipe) Which let me add was very difficult to make due to these: 
We have been having a lot of eggs and chicken sausage for lunch. Protein shakes before WOD's. 
We also had a really fun party at our CrossFit box this past weekend. Our friends have started an awesome catering company and they made DELICIOUS burgers 
Check them out here: http://www.facebook.com/VagabondGrillyard and like them on Facebook! 

Speaking of burgers- Matt and I went and played rugby tonight with some of the members of Crown City and it was a lot of fun- but we were STARVING. So we headed to Big Daddy's to get lettuce wrapped burgers and sweet potato fries- they were bomb. Yes, I just used the word bomb. 
Tomorrow I am going to attempt to cook some steaks in the crock pot- so I am off to search for recipes.
I will add a good recipe if I can find one! 

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