Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yesterday (Tuesday) we woke up and had some eggs for breakfast. Then for lunch Matt had leftover pork chops and I had a plate of paleo. It had plantain chips and salsa, some nuts, blackberries, an apple and some dark chocolate. Then it was time for CrossFit! And at CrossFit I was introduced to something very delicious.

My friend May had me taste a little of hers and before I knew it I was buying one of every flavor. Here is the website. Check them out!

Yesterday at Whole Foods I got some "Against the Grain" Rolls. We had them with dinner and could not decide if we liked them or not....They are gooey. I think dipped in marinara or spread with almond butter I would really love them. But on their own- not so much.
For dinner we had some BBQ chicken and sweet potatoes. The chicken was awesome and the sweet potatoes were very, very good. Today (Wednesday) I am attempting to make some Paleo meatballs- I will write more later!! 

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