Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Whew, it has been a busy past few days!! I will start where I left off- Thursday.
On Thursday we woke up and had a protein shake made with Raw whole milk for breakfast. Then we ran to the box for the noon class and did a WOD. For lunch I had leftover meatballs and Matt made this awesome concoction- he pulled apart the leftover pork chops, cooked some eggs and topped them with the pulled apart pork chops and BBQ sauce. I was impressed.
 Thursday night we had a Paleo dinner party to attend. It was a lot of fun and a friend of ours from the box put it on. This dinner party was a potluck style and I did not do a great job preparing what I was going to here I was Thursday at around 2 PM deciding what to throw together for the party. I thought to myself, "Hm. Those meatballs were pretty good..I still have carrots...and celery...and the almond meal..." SO I ran to the store and grabbed the extra ingredients I needed and made some more meatballs. Except this time I made them the size of golf balls rather than baseballs and I added a lot more garlic. They came out really tasty and people at the party seemed to like them! At the party my friend Natalie made some AWESOME guacamole, homemade plantain chips and margaritas. There were also mushroom meatballs, cauliflower rice, steak, chicken, burgers, BACON, chicken curry and lots of other wonderful Paleo treats.

It was a really great time with a lot of great people! On Friday we woke up not feeling was probably over eating and tequila. Okay, maybe it was just the tequila... Anyways, it was a rough morning. But I woke up around 5 AM, chugged a coconut water, popped a few Aleves and woke up in 100 times better shape than my poor husband. I will say it now- the TRUE cure to a hangover is chugging as much coconut water as possible and a few Aleves. I promise- it works. When I woke up the second time around 9 I had an OhMyBar then we headed to the box for WOD #1. For lunch I grabbed some Zankou chicken- YUM- and Matt made himself some leftover meatballs. 
 (Sorry these pics are blurry- I think it is my phone case and will be fixing this problem soon, in the meantime just imagine the delicious detail my camera is unable to provide). On Friday night we hit up WOD #2 then headed home, got ready, packed a couple overnight bags and headed to Pacific Palisades with our friends Natalie and Matt. We went out Friday night to a restaurant called Wilshire in Santa Monica. I had a margarita, and a bun less burger with a salad.
It was get together for Pepperdine Alum's and a farewell party for a fellow student. It was a lot of fun!          
We woke up Saturday and went to breakfast in Pacific Palisades. I got the Huevos Rancheros- with a small corn tortilla quesadilla on the bottom. I know, corn is bad, but these tasted really good! I also had a yummy latte. Matt got eggs with tomatoes and black coffee. For lunch Natalie and I shared some shrimp and a slushy margarita. And yes, we shared a churro on the Santa Monica Pier after. And it tasted really bad! I was disappointed. I cheated and the churro was stale. Oh well. 
We spent the day riding bikes along the beach, riding rides on the Santa Monica Pier and eating good food. It was a really awesome day!! 
Then for dinner Matt and I had some lettuce wrapped burgers and sweet potato fries from Tops. It was the ending to a really awesome day and the beginning to a great memorial day weekend!!!! 

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