Monday, May 21, 2012


Well it has been a crazy past few days!! This weekend I graduated from Pepperdine with my Master's and we celebrated by eating an array of non-Paleo foods...and I have been paying ever since!! Here is a little peek into my non-Paleo binge...
 It all started with a few Doritos and some Cheese Nips on the way to dinner. I was carsick and going through Malibu Canyon and this was all my parents had to offer. Okay, Okay...I lied. There was an apple in there, but I really wanted a Dorito! (the chips and guac are from Sunday night). 
And then there was dinner. Wonderful dinner. It began with some bread (by some I mean like 5 pieces, lol). And a coconut Mojito. And then a wonderful steak with mashed potatoes. And then a cheesecake that Matt and I shared. And then some bites of creme brulee. It.Was.Delicious. 
And then some beer. And then on Sunday I had some waffles. And a huge BBQ Ranch Chicken salad. Then we saw Battleship (a horrible- yet hilarious movie). And with that I had some popcorn and my first soda in ages. It was all so awesome while I was eating everything, but then I payed dearly today- I have been exhausted and feeling crappy. 
Was it worth it? I can't decide. Everything was delicious- but the way I feel today is not delicious- it's bad. BUT I guess it was worth it in the sense that I know how awesome I can feel when I eat clean- and how bad it feels when I eat gluten and tons of sugar. So it just reinforced how much I love Paleo! 

After a weekend full of cheats we decided to get serious again and we started today! I woke up and brought Chipper to the dog park and then went to the box for an awesome WOD. Today was "Rankel"- here it is in case you wanna try: 
6 deadlifts (155lbs/225lbs) 
7 burpee-pull ups
10 Kettle Bell Swings (53 lbs/1.5 pood) 
200 M run 

Then I ran to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and stocked up for the week! I went to the sandwich place and had them make me a lettuce wrap with some pesto aioli, turkey, bacon, tomatoes, onions, jalepenos, onions and pepper jack. 
Then for dinner I used my Southern Comfort Paleo Cook Book and made some Apricot Pork Chops. They were good! I used my slow cooker and left it on low. 
 First I rubbed the pork chops with some salt & pepper then browned them in some Avocado oil (3 min each side) Then I placed them in the slow cooker.
 I added some butter to the pan and added onions, apricots, 1/4 c sherry, 1/4 c apple cider vinegar, 1 cup chicken stock, 1 cup cut dried apricots, some sage, a cinnamon stick and cut up an apple and put them in the slow cooker, then poured the mixture into the cooker.
Then I cooked it on high for 2 1/2 hours, switched it to low for like 3 hours because we went to the box. I came home and made some brussel sprouts real quick. When we got back the pork chops were literally falling off the bone. 
 And then we ate them! 
Honest opinion- I am not the biggest fan of meat and sweetness, but it was good. Definitely worth the time! 

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