Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For Brooke :)

One of my very best friends is about to welcome a sweet little baby girl into the world- and it got me thinking about babies and Paleo. Also- two of our really good friends, Shayla and Peter have the cutest 2 month old CrossFit baby that I get to play with everyday at the box, so I started thinking about CrossFit babies. I started doing some research and compiled some sites- enjoy! :)

This site seemed pretty cool with some tips on how to make your own baby food... ThePaleoMom

This site is also pretty cool its about Paleo pregnancy and growing up Paleo... GrowingUpPaleo

And here is one more that I found...PaleoBabyFood.

Here are some cute CrossFit babies..I could not resist putting these up!

Here is a site with all the funny CrossFit baby videos.. Videos


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