Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 26 & 27

Day 26-Friday. For breakfast we had some eggs and bacon. Made by Matt

Then I ran to the salon and got my hair did.  When I finally got home I was STARVING and devoured a Brian's Bowl that had green beans, turkey and mashed sweet potatoes. Then for dinner we had some very, very delicious steak. My parents bought half a cow from a farm up in Colorado and today we had some of the flank steaks.
 My plate- very delicious! 

Day 27- Saturday. Wow,  I can't believe it is already Day 27! This is crazy. It has been a good month though! And Saturday was a good day. We woke up and I had a banana for breakfast then my mom and I went and did a little shopping. I have been going to bed late and sleeping in this weekend so I am little off my routine. Because of this- I was feeling sick around 11 a.m. because I was hungry and the banana wasn't sitting well on an empty stomach. So I came home and had a Brian's Bowl with some plantain chips. I wasn't feeling well so only had about half the bowl. Then I headed to one of my very best friend's baby shower. Her mom and sisters set it up in a Cinco De Mayo theme with all of my favorite foods- enchiladas, quesadillas, chips, salsas, margaritas....yummm. But I was the weirdo at the party with my own bag of plantain chips in my purse!! I had guacamole and salsa with some fruit and some carrots from the veggie tray and watched as everyone ate the delicious looking food- but surprisingly I didn't have any urges to grab a plate. I think I am so used to watching others eat stuff I can't have that it honestly did not bother me one bit! I had a great time at Brooke's baby shower and she looked amazing! Like a beautiful soon to be Mommy!

I came home and for dinner my family ordered my favorite thing of all time- Pizza! I told them to. It was a nice little challenge- and believe it or not- I DID NOT CRAVE ANY! For those of you who know me this is huge. Pizza is my favorite. And although I smelled it, haha, I didn't think about eating pizza the whole dinner. It was awesome. I was really happy this happened because I can tell how far I have come. Anyways, in place of pizza I had some chicken wings. And then later on in the night I was CRAVING some cookies. So I attempted to make some Paleo cookies. And it was a good attempt. Do they taste like regular cookies? Sort of. Are they the best thing ever? No. Did they hit the spot? Yes. So you decide if you want to make them! But I will say today is Sunday and I tried one and they are 10X better after sitting out the night. They are PERFECT to grab for a breakfast or snack on the go. So enough blabbing about them, here is the recipe! Aubrey's Strawberry Paleo Cookies.

For this recipe you will need: 
A handful of strawberries (around 7) 
Almond flour 
Baking soda 
Baking powder 

First, I threw about 2 cups of almond flour in a bowl with two eggs and mixed. I added some water to get the right consistency..(Similar to the pizza crust from Paleo pizza). Then I added some cinnamon (about 1 teaspoon- maybe more).
 (Don't forget to preheat the oven- I put mine on 350).
Then I got about 4 or 5 strawberries and cut them in quarters and added them to a saucepan. I added about 1 tablespoon of honey and let them cook for the time it took me to finish making the dough. I stirred them occasionally- and they probably cooked and simmered for about 10 minutes.

While those were cooking I chopped up some strawberries in little hunks and added those, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and some vanilla to the dough and combined. It was a little watery because I added too much water so I had to add some more almond flour- so make sure you add water very slowly. I got some wax paper and covered a cookie sheet. I added the chopped strawberries and my strawberry sauce to the batter.

I placed them in the oven for 15 minutes then took them out. After making my second batch I realized this should have been more like 20 minutes. So cook them until you can poke them and they stay together and they are not mushy in the middle. Also, they will start to brown on the top.  And below is the final product. They got mixed reviews. Matt liked them- my parents said they were "okay". BUT the good news is this morning after they sat all night all reviews changed to- "These are good!" and "These are much better!" So maybe make these in the morning if you want to enjoy by night so all of the flavors have a chance to sink in. Hope you enjoy!

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