Thursday, April 26, 2012

Days 16, 17 & 18

Well so far we have had a fun week! Let's start with Tuesday.

Day 16- Tuesday. Today we had eggs again for breakfast (shocker, I know). For lunch I had leftover Lemonade- the chicken salad, the carrots and the kale. After work I rushed home and Matt and I headed to the Dodgers vs Braves game, and let me tell you- A hot dog without a bun-sucks! This was a tough night. We both really wanted a big hot dog, some beer and some cracker jacks. But instead we stuck to Paleo and had some bun-less hotdogs, some plantain chips and some Cuties. But the Braves won! So the night ended great! 

Day 17-Wednesday. Well today I woke up and had some more eggs. Then I ran to the CrossFit gym, did a 40 min WOD and then we went straight to the grocery
store. I chugged some coconut water because I was starving. Matt and I ended up grabbing TONS of ingredients and made up a recipe! So around
4 pm we ate a huge, delicious dinner. I will call this recipe...

 "Spaghetti Squash Heaven". 

For this recipe you will need: 
-3 hot italian chicken sausages 
-1 onion 
-1 bag of spinach 
-1 can of quartered artichokes 
-1 small can halved olives
-1 jar of sundried tomatoes 
-1 jar of Arrabiatta Tomato Sauce (we used one with less than 5 ingredients that is Paleo) 
-1 pack of cherry tomatoes 
-1 pack of mushrooms 
-5 cloves of garlic 
-2 spaghetti squashes 
-A few sprigs of fresh parsley 
-Garlic salt 

So for this recipe I began by cutting the squash- adding some olive oil and sticking them in oven at 400 degrees. Then I started cooking the sausage- I just filled the pan up with a little bit of water. While the sausage was cooking I chopped the garlic, onions and mushrooms.


 After the sausage cooked I cut up the sausage and then added the onion and garlic to the leftover oil from the sausages.  I let the onions soften a bit and then I added the spinach. Then I added the mushrooms, the artichoke, the mushrooms and the olives. After that Matt took out the squash (after about 30 min) let it cool and made it into spaghetti. Then I added about 1/4 of the sauce into the mixture, along with all my spices and let it simmer while the squash was cooling down.  We ended up accidentally making A TON! I think this could feed a family of 7! But instead it will be feeding us for a few days! 

The final product! I just poured the veggie/sausage mixture on top of the squash and we LOVED this! Later that night I made some more parsley garlic dip and had it with some plantain chips :) 

Day 18- Thursday. For breakfast I had a banana and for lunch I had leftover Spaghetti Squash Heaven. Came home, had some more parsley dip & plantain chips- then heated up some Brian's Bowls Gumbo for dinner- which was delicious!!!

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