Monday, April 23, 2012

Days 11 & 12

Day 11- Thursday. Today Matt headed to Vegas for a Drs appointment (he has a herniated disc in his back) so I was solo today! For breakfast I had a laughing giraffe snack (go figure) and for lunch I had leftover Turkey Cabbage.  I also snacked on some nuts and coconut water. When I got home I was still hungry so I had more Turkey Cabbage! Then I headed to CrossFit, worked out- and felt really dizzy. (I did not eat enough today) so my friend May gave me some almonds and I had another coconut water. Then some friends and I went to Lemonade again! I just love this place. I got some sweet potatoes, some chicken stew, tomato soup (no dairy), and some heirloom tomatoes with avocados. My eyes were much bigger than my stomach and I did not finish all of this.

Day 12- Friday. I woke up super early to head to Vegas. I had a few nibbles of the leftover sweet potatoes but they were gross the day after. So I had my last laughing giraffe snack from the bag (Yes, two bags lasted us this long!) and some nuts (boring, I know). My cousin drove us to Vegas and when we got there we were starving so for Brunch we made some scrambles eggs and bacon. Around 2pm Matt and I went to Zabas with my little brother. I got a burrito bowl- with chicken, tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce and salsa. For dinner my family had green curry chicken with rice. The green curry mix had too many things we couldn't eat- but luckily my mom had this other summer curry sauce we used instead! With the chicken I made baked cauliflower with garlic- another recipe from my friend Natalie.

You need a cookie sheet, chopped up garlic, olive oil and some cauliflower. You just throw them on the cookie sheet and baked it for about 15 minutes on 375 degrees.

For the chicken my mom cubed 3 chicken breasts threw it in a pan-cooked them though,  then I poured in the sauce and stirred! This dinner was delicious!

After dinner I snacked on a cutie and some pistachios! Then we went to bed. 

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