Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 1

Day 1- The challenge has begun and I am having a laughing giraffe snack for breakfast with some water. 

This is my friend Amisha who usually tries to make me eat non-paleo
For lunch my class had a graduation party with burritos and CAKE! Chips and salsa are one of my favorite snacks- so today I had salsa with plantain chips and some salad. 

And I DID NOT eat any of that very delicious looking strawberry-vanilla cake.

 For dinner I made some Paleo Tacos. 

For this recipe you need: 
2 lbs turkey 
1/2 onion 
5 cloves garlic 
Pack of Trader Joe's Taco Seasoning 
Some fresh cilantro (optional) 
1 Jalepeno 
Olive Oil 
1 pack of Trader Joe's Guacamole & Pico de gallo pack 
First I used a little olive oil and sauteed some garlic and onions- then I added the turkey & cilantro 

Next I added the Taco Seasoning pack and let it cook for a couple minutes. In the meantime I sliced up the jalepeno and washed the lettuce "shells".

Then I made the tacos. First I spread the guacamole, added the meat & topped it off with a jalepeno! 

Then we ate and enjoyed with some salsa and plantain chips!!

Note: I always make about 3 -4 servings and save the leftovers for lunch the next day.

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